Over the course of our lives, we go through many experiences that shape us — or at least they try to. If we are blind and deaf to what each experience teaches us, then our character cannot be shaped. And that’s the problem many of us carry inside. Our human heart is just so full of itself, so convinced that it knows better, that it can never be wrong, that we often miss the learning point in an experience.

When it hits us — the rude awakening of being shown we ARE wrong — we can react in one of two ways.

  1. We can wake up and humbly learn our lesson, or
  2. we can stubbornly dig our heels in and maintain our pride.

The first means we learn and grow; the second means we have become too proud to be taught something new.

“And be renewed in the spirit of your mind,” said the apostle Paul in Ephesians 4.23. Few, but deep words.

Our mind needs renewal. It does because it gets old. As the years go by, if we don’t keep refreshing the spirit of our mind, we start getting really old spiritually and mentally. Old ideas, old ways, resistance to change. We stop growing. We get left behind. Younger (and fresher) minds begin to pass us by. And we become a boring, bitter, resentful caricature of our old self. And then we blame the world for having changed.

“Change is difficult but often essential to survival.” – Les Brown

So next time your current views or beliefs are challenged by different, better ones, don’t be proud. Go ahead and change yourself.

It’s for your own good.


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37 Responses to “When you realize you have to change”

  1. Daniel M M 5 years ago

    Thank you Bishop for the message, may God have mercy on me that in every experience i go through in life i may always react in a way that i wake up and humbly learn my lesson even if it means learning a hard way it will be for my own good. At the end i will be a better person, better man’ better husband, better servant and better Man Of God.

  2. Sarabee 5 years ago

    ‘So next time your current views or beliefs are challenged by different, better ones, don’t be proud. Go ahead and change yourself’

    Clear as the crystal sea….

  3. Lala- Simeon HK 5 years ago

    ‘Change is difficult but often essential to survival’, yes this is very true it is very difficult to change… but if we only open our mind and understanding we can see that God really good to us and He is giving us a chance to realize how life is beautiful if you are with Him

  4. It’s not easy to do but once we learn to be humble and do it we learn that life is about growth and we can mature everyday of our lives when we humble ourselves.

    Thank you for the message.

  5. Gugulethu Makhanya 5 years ago

    Thank you Bp for this message.

  6. Jonalyn Issachar Hong kong 5 years ago

    Changes is very important..once we know that we need and we must. Sometimes its really hard to humble ourselves because we dont want critism but i guess if we open our eyes and heart to change for the better it can lead us to become a better person. Let the words of God be our guide. God can make impossible to possible.

  7. Charles Gams 5 years ago

    I must say this is actually very strong its made be understand many things about my mind set and how i should go about it , even though it won’t be easy cause the heart is stubborn I’m willing to learn and apply myself to new things by asking others for helps.

    Thank You for this !

  8. Sarah Mutombo 5 years ago

    This blog post made me realise why things start moving slower and slower in a person’s life. It all starts in the mind, I think therefore I am. Thank you for this message Bp.

  9. Thanks bp for this important message, just humbleness and the renewing of the mind it’s all that is required.

  10. I understand that challenges come as a way for our lives to turn around so that we may be molded and to be more groomed but if we don’t see is that way and we’re not humble enough we will loose the direction on how to overcome.

  11. Nosipho ndika 5 years ago

    Dear Bishop
    its not an easy thing to accept that you are wrong and you need to change, the battle is not with the person telling you that you need to change the battle is within a person, because you fight with your thoughts and your heart. As you said Bishop the change its for our own good so that is why we should not compromise change for our feelings its not worth it.

    Thank you.

  12. Thank u Bp for the strong message keep on guiding us.

  13. Janeene Octaviano 5 years ago

    I learned that we must get the lessons of the experiences that we face in life because if we will not learn we will not grow and become more mature.

  14. Dear Bishop Renalto,
    Change can be challenging at times as people are so used to their comfort zone and do not want to take the bold step to accept the change or embrace it! One important thing I have learnt is when I want to learn I humble myself to receive different guidance’s. Thanks for the message.

  15. Monica Mpaka 5 years ago

    Thank you bishop for the message. We have to be humble when we realize our mistakes even though it is not easy.

  16. jenny stanislas 5 years ago

    This message brings to me the understanding if i fail to become someone willing to learn then I will never have the capacity to change for the better

  17. Thank you bishop for this, this is it.

  18. This is a tough lesson to practice in one’s life. It’s very simple to just accept it but the practice of it takes lots of strength.

  19. Cecilia Thandiwe 4 years ago

    Thank u Bishop, just like gold, it has to pass through fire to become valuable. change comes through painful way but it molds us to become a better people for the future. nd by accepting corrections makes our character to be good humbled, thank you very much.God bless you for this strong message you give to us.

  20. mollyn masebe 4 years ago

    Thank you Bishop
    ‘Change is difficult but often essential to survival’,

    It is not easy to point at myself and say listen Molly you need to change but when i finally do and change it is truly for my own good.

  21. Morongwa 4 years ago

    Thank you bishop for your message it is a blessing indeed because one thing we people need is change and to be humble enough to know when one is wrong.

  22. Itshokeng maimela 4 years ago

    It is true that every experiance we face is made to shape and better us for what lies ahead the problem is that its not everyone who is humble enough to make the challenge into an experiance which can teach and mold them into better human beings….not everyone who wants to change is ready to change

  23. zanele hadebe 4 years ago

    Dear bishop,thank you for these words.

  24. Carol Verner 4 years ago

    Thank you Bishop this is something I have been working on learning to welcome changing my ways and me. First step was the hardest but now seeing how much I really needed it was being left behind.

  25. Thuli Mokhatle 4 years ago

    above all we need to take care of our hearts for it is the wellspring of our life, and humbleness is important to keep us able to accept change and correction. thanks Bishop for sharing.