Over the course of our lives, we go through many experiences that shape us — or at least they try to. If we are blind and deaf to what each experience teaches us, then our character cannot be shaped. And that’s the problem many of us carry inside. Our human heart is just so full of itself, so convinced that it knows better, that it can never be wrong, that we often miss the learning point in an experience.

When it hits us — the rude awakening of being shown we ARE wrong — we can react in one of two ways.

  1. We can wake up and humbly learn our lesson, or
  2. we can stubbornly dig our heels in and maintain our pride.

The first means we learn and grow; the second means we have become too proud to be taught something new.

“And be renewed in the spirit of your mind,” said the apostle Paul in Ephesians 4.23. Few, but deep words.

Our mind needs renewal. It does because it gets old. As the years go by, if we don’t keep refreshing the spirit of our mind, we start getting really old spiritually and mentally. Old ideas, old ways, resistance to change. We stop growing. We get left behind. Younger (and fresher) minds begin to pass us by. And we become a boring, bitter, resentful caricature of our old self. And then we blame the world for having changed.

“Change is difficult but often essential to survival.” – Les Brown

So next time your current views or beliefs are challenged by different, better ones, don’t be proud. Go ahead and change yourself.

It’s for your own good.


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37 Responses to “When you realize you have to change”

  1. Nosithembiso 4 years ago

    We tend to forget that we are not perfect and we own nothing in this world. Our hearts keep on deceiving us so that we can think that we are better. But when we are born of God humbleness is within us and our minds cannot grow old at all.

  2. I believe where there’s change there’s growth, only the proud refuse to change.

  3. The problem with us is that,when we face problem we cry and do not take some time to think of what we can learn from the problem,we quickly rush to find the solution,nut that is not the way we need to find out what need to change so that next time we would not have to face the same problem again.

  4. Renato Tavares 4 years ago

    To change is hard for those who are closed minded. When you’re closed minded, you are proud and stuck up. When one humbles his/herself the change comes natural. It allows to reach more depth in our relationship with Jesus.

  5. Im now 13years in the church.For a long time i believed that i was still that strong in faith and that nothing had change during the years. Little did i know that my faith is busy to expired.That was a true wakeup call and im trying every day to do things different so that i can be on the same level as the church is moving on.So ya Bishop we need to change to receive different results.

  6. Gustavo 4 years ago

    This is too powerful “when our spiritual mind is not renewed we don’t grow” that is true and you will be become empty inside, there is when the pride will enter. Thank you Bp for the study.

  7. Thank you Bishop, this message encoureges a person always to restart in life it helps a lot.

  8. This is so true Bishop, we constantly have to fight pride and change.

  9. Elizabet 3 years ago

    In these cases, we will have to overcome our pride… and it won’t be easy! It’s like a battle between the old you and new you. Change is good, but it can be scary. We must always trust that God will give us the strength to change whatever we must change…. and we also must always have spiritual ears, so that we won’t pollute our heart with bad feelings.

  10. May Mestidio 3 years ago

    Amen Bishop, thank you for this post.

    God bless!

  11. Pat Ranthama 3 years ago

    Renewal of our minds is essentiall,our view point changes as we adapt to new thinking.Like an open parachute we become effective unlike the closed one.

  12. mpumi koza 3 years ago

    indeed giving a wrong deed a good reason shows pride then the person’s heart becomes a hard rock