You ignore me all day long,
as if I didn’t exist;
you make plans
and don’t ask my opinion
What did I do to you?

When time is short
but never short enough to stop you from doing what you want
when you enjoy what I helped you conquer
and think you’re the only one responsible for your success, i ask myself:
What did I do to you?

The day I found you in the gutter,
I picked you out, cleaned you off, and dressed you in honor
and everyone said wow, what a change
I thought you would never forget me
What did I do to you?

I would speak and you would listen
and say yes Sir. You obeyed
But it seems you got tired of it one day
And preferred to listen to others who didn’t want what was best for you
And I thought to myself, what did I do to you?

Just tell me. Give me one reason.


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8 Responses to “What did I do to you?”

  1. Gugulethu Makhanya 5 years ago

    And the truth is that, God has not done anything evil towards us. He has always wanted the best for us..He has wanted a best future and not to harm us. And it sad when one does not consider Him in all good things.

  2. Myrna-UCKG HK 5 years ago

    There are people today who don’t want to change. They don’t want to leave the lifestyle or turn from the choices they have made. They refuse to take hold of God’s promises. A person who want to move forward will choose the way of Truth and sacrificed because it is important for his/her relationship with God.

  3. “your mentality is awaiting moderation”


  4. jhandy-gad-hk 5 years ago

    people full of pride does’nt recognize their need of others especially of God.They thought their success comes from their own effort.The bible say’s ”love of this world makes us enemy of God”.Its amazing how GOD is so patient and full of mercy towards us.

  5. Good afternoon Lord Bishop,
    God, has lifted me hasn’t he, how could I ignore God all day long? How could I think that I conquered things for myself when I depend of God Himself for my very life?
    And it’s a strange question, rather like what is a terrorist, basically, a terrorist is someone on the other side of the opinion really, otherwise they are a freedom fighter. Please excuse me, i am not being rude or turse, or disrespectful in any way.I have just read this through properly for the first time, what did ~God do to me? Save my life and respected me, searched my heart and found me sincere, full of faults but struggling against the odds including a brain tumour and all kinds of difficulties that would shade understanding.
    Would someone invite a 1 legged man to take part in a race unless they wanted them to lose? Not really, the human heart can be devisive, and so I have seen that I was not actually wrong, a devised, polite and nonethe less, an accompanyment to the door.
    And what can I expect. God is a God of order, so be it then, Amen.
    God bless you Dear Lord Bishop, with humbleness and not bitterness at all,and first lady.
    Big love, Helen Phillips-BatmanX

  6. I think we should put ourselves in the shoes of God that if we were God would we have the same patience, mercy, love and perseverance etc. as God has? We really need to look at it and give the same measure that God gives to us. We really need to be careful of how we act before Him. At the end of the day we’re the ones who need Him..
    This is very important..

  7. andisiwe 5 years ago

    Dear Bishop. This is a powerful message in that we should never forget were God took us from. Thank you for sharing