To know more about our project and how to join. Click on the image below and read our Manifesto:


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410 Responses to “Welcome to IntelliMen”

  1. siphiwo mziweni 3 years ago

    Good morning bishop. I want to be a member also.because i belive it will
    make me a better person

  2. Ernesto Thaker 3 years ago

    To be the man God wants me to be. My buddy is Thandoletwu

  3. I’m joining Intellimen cause I want to be intelligent spiritually and physically. thank you.

  4. Docc Tuneeko 2 years ago

    I am so happy I re-joined, again. I started but due to my work condition I felt alone and need a buddy, I spoke to our Bishop who assigned a buddy to me. Besides that I feel good to be back with God, I am empowered every day and can easily resist old temptations, I decided to start the challenges from scratch. My buddy is Shaun.