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I assure you: No prophet is accepted in his hometown. — Luke 4.24

The only place where Jesus could not perform many miracles was Nazareth, His hometown. Not even His brothers believed in Him. People were saying, “Isn’t He the carpenter’s son?”

Acquaintance creates unbelief. That is why people who are close to us may become our greatest limiters.

This Thought of Jesus shows that not even God can avoid people from having this kind of behavior. They are the ones who chose to believe or not believe, have good or evil eyes, to believe or doubt the neighbor, to cheer a loved one up or bring him down. For that reason, what did Jesus decide to do? He left Nazareth and went for those who believed in Him. God did the same to Abraham when He told him to leave his father’s house.

When those who are close to you do not believe in you, it is emotionally something very hard to take in. However, you can either be like them and start to doubt yourself or you can ignore them and move on with your convictions. Someone will believe in you, even if the second person who believes in you is yourself. Obviously, the first person who believes in you is God Himself. When you understand that, from the third believer in you on is just a plus.

Putting it into practice: Accept the belief that God has placed in you and don’t disagree with Him in that regard. Decide to disagree with those who doubt you, not with God.

Is there anyone who has been a limiter in your life? Is he or she a friend you can let go of? An environment you can avoid? And if you can’t, then how could you limit this limiter, that is, stop him (or her) from being an influence to you and bringing you down? Who could you cheer up today?


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32 Responses to “Thought #5 — Acquaintance and limiters”

  1. Malcolm Koroma_VYGUK 3 years ago

    This was straight to the point and very helpful because in the beginning of my faith this was one of my biggest obstacles, the people closest to you, who you would expect to be your number 1 fans could easily be one of your greatest enemies besides yourself. In this 40days it’s up to you to call the shots whether you give whatever it takes or let this opportunity pass you by because of the thoughts of others and the the negative thoughts of yourself. Salvation is individual and if you allow the words of others to put you down you will never see what God has to offer.

  2. Yes. She is a let go of. Stop going to her house. Stop hanging out with her. God cheers me up.

  3. Amen thank you bishop

  4. I have been thinking about this in the past week also.

    Yes, I have experience of many limiters in my personal life. People who tried to convince me to believe about myself, the way they believed about me. People who limit you because of their opinions about you.

    The good way it has worked for me, is to respect everyone’s opinions about me, without regarding them as FACTS about me, because only myself know what I aim for in life. That’s it. If someone think you cant do it, thats what he believes, that’s his opinion. But is it a fact? Is it true? Will you believe that person?

    Some people may despise you, overlook you or even claim that you are not the right one for this or that. Well that is their opinion! But is it a fact? Cant you really? why not trying out what they think you cant do, and then surprise them?

    I believe in God and His promises. Then I believe in myself, to be able to mount a campaign to achieve those promises I believe in. What someone thinks about me…if it causes any trouble…will cause the trouble to him, because he is the one with those doubts, fears or mediocrity….not me.

    Also I have realized that the ‘home town’ may not necessary mean the geographical area where you were born; so that you can shift to another place. It may be made up of a group of colleagues you share the same profession, the same age group, the same calling, of the same qualification or class during study. These may also have the Nazarene mentality of saying “ who are you? Are we not of the same age, same sos sos …”

    Yet most people who are overcomers today, are those who were able to conquer and overcome this ‘home town’ syndrome.

    Lets not allow other people’s opinions to limit us. Because of course, everyone has potential. so if they dont believe it can be done, its them who have weakness. indeed one should not waste his time with those who dont believe in him, because they will offer no motivation but only blockages.

    Believe in God. Trust in God’s promises. Then Believe in yourself. What comes after that should not shake you!!!!
    Thanks for though #5 Bp.

  5. Cristiano N'dombassy 3 years ago

    Hello this is my answer about who could i cheer today: i could cheer with God in the first place cause nobody believes in me that much as the Lord God,then i cheer to myself as i also believe in me then all other peoples that believes in me, like when i started doing sports, and i became a competitor,but before i to become even my own family that i lives with them at the same house they doubted me and most of them the put me down but within me i had conviction and i believed in me and in God cause i said to the Lord that i wanna do this for Your glory not mine and even so when i came to south Africa and started my sport career here many the put me down and they doubted in me and one guy that now is my manager he same me performing and he believed in me and he took me to the white Guy’s gym i went there and he didn’t even see yet my potential he despised me and doubted menu i always i trust the Lord and after he saw me performing then the guy started to believe in me i praise God and all glory to Him cause the Lord made as the warrior of faith

  6. After coming to God in the UCKG HelpCentre, I learnt that my relationship with Him should only be influenced by the two of us. His Word is what keeps me going and what has drastically changed my quality of and outlook on life. Therefore, I hang onto His every word and every other person who wants to contribute to this relationship, is scrutinised in their words and actions. This enables me to spot any limiters and “negaters” of my faith; after all, it will be all about He and I in the end….

  7. Thandiwe Sidumo 3 years ago

    Thank you for these words bishop, its not easy when there is someone who does’nt believe in you, but I will never disbelief myself, I have learned to please God and I will remove those that I can to keep my faith from being neutralised.

  8. In this message my limiter is the environment, Is have tried many times to invite to church but no one believes me or even try to see what I am talking about.In this message I thank Jesus because I was going to end up not believing in myself.Now I know that I have to give up and start another journey.

  9. audrey brotherson 3 years ago

    Thanks Bishop for another inspiring blog!

    We must thank God for the gifts he has given us and believe in them, use them and not allow negative doubters/comments to contaminate our belief in God nor ourselves. I have learned that we must be like the spider which has the ability to reproduce itself over and over again, despite being knocked down several times.

    Jesus’ greatness threatened his family, friends and the people around him,but in the end, his actions proved His greatness.

    May God bless you!

  10. Lebohang 3 years ago

    Thank you bishop, the message is straight foward and it is also a clear point if you cant be accepted where you are, accepted by those u call friends or that you call a best friend, or accepted by your own family then there is no need for you to stay close to them because at the end everyone fights for his/her own destiny(salvation), each and every person fights to carry the cross high every minute of his/her life better leave them as Abraham did because it is worth it!

  11. Gloria - YPI Ireland 3 years ago

    There are, those people in my life, in everyone’s life unfortunately…I have decided to trust in God that no matter what or who this person is, He is with me and although I may not have many close people by my side or they may not believe my dreams can come true in my life, God believes in me (that’s why I have assurance) and I must believe in me also.

  12. YPI Ereland- Miriam 3 years ago

    This word has opened my eyes regarding the people I am living today.

  13. Elie Henry 3 years ago

    This is very true, many times in my life up to today those even in church and in my family have at times been the ones to try and stop me from conquering a goal or excelling in a certain area in life but this post today tipifies that, after realising that the living God believes in me, then I must believe too & anyone else is just a plus.

  14. Evelyn Somah, London 3 years ago

    I have many friends who had stopped communicating with me since I gave myself wholeheartedly to God. Sometimes when this happens we are not losing but gaining, as if they were still in my life will not add to me.
    If people try to limit or be negative towards me, I make sure I have less to do with them and just keep praying for them. I move on and cheer up others who are desperate and hungry for the Word.

  15. Rebecca 3 years ago

    Blog was actually strong today, you will be surprised how limiters can try to hinder your blessing & you won’t even know it. Limiters can also be the reason that people don’t receive the Holy Spirit because they don’t believe in themselves or God and they start believing in what other people say, which God doesn’t want. Even though no one trusts or believe in you, God ALWAYS has your back. Don’t let other peoples “opinion” get to you, and don’t let it become a “fact”. Once it becomes a “fact”. But seriously the only opinion you should care about is God to be honest. Believe in God & his promises

  16. Nicolas 3 years ago

    Thanks again for the post bishop. I’m pretty sure everyone who is a believer has had their fair sure of relatives and friends who’ve tried to interfere with their faith trying to puncture them with doubt. It isn’t easy avoiding these people but to protect and defend my faith anything is worth it. What has to be done must be done. Till tomorrow.

  17. I learned that I must, never allow nobody to put my faith down, and I must believe in myself, as the Lord Jesus did. He did not become stuck because of what others thought, but He move on to those who wanted him. This is how I will behave from now on, I will go ahead no matter the circumstances, or limitation…

  18. Malik VYG UK 3 years ago

    Gonna keep it short and simple, at the times when you don’t even believe in yourself, THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE BELIEVES IN YOU

  19. Rosina_VYGUK 3 years ago

    Just reading this blog I learnt that In the world today there are many people who are not going to believe In you. Now with this you have a choice. You either ignore, accept the fact they don’t believe in you or be like them. A Man who doubts is unstable in his ways… First of all if your family or whoever doesn’t believe in you, God does and that’s all that matters and secondly: You need to believe in yourself otherwise you’ll be lost in everything. Self believe is the key!

  20. Anthony Williams 3 years ago

    What I understand Bp is that serving God is complete sacrifice. Even our family can be used to bring us down and steer away from God. What we all need to do is remain focused on the pearl which is our Salvation and that means ignoring the distractions of this world. Stepping out of your norm and stepping into the world of Faith which has no limitations.

  21. I must believe that God believes in me then i must believe in myself.

    Very simple and stright to the point.

    Thank you.

  22. Faith has eyes and ears directed to the word of God depending on our actions and decisions to see the promises by the Lord. Above that, salvation is for those who are willing to carry their own cross to the end, simply get off from those who despise your faith.

  23. Faith has eyes,many stop beliveing in GOD and themselves,but do what others say,GOD gives us freedom to choose who do we want to serve,but the choice we make tells who do we serve. Be carefull of friends because they don’t have your back, only JESUS….

  24. Sunita-(Ireland) 3 years ago

    Dear Bishop, The time I started to trust in God I had to let my own family.Even now I have a very close family who is not in the same faith as It’s a battle for me everyday.But I believe one day the way that person think about me will change because God is with me.

  25. Andrew O'Keeffe prayer group phibsborough Dublin Ireland 3 years ago

    I know bishop I’m starting to sound like a parrot but it all comes down again on being totally decided on what you want.For me my decision was God full if I want God how can I be friends with people who don’t want him?its impossible I cannot please two masters.It means to make a tough decisions.For me I had to let go of a friendship a very close friendship which I had for almost twenty five years.we wanted different things.i wanted God on God’s terms and my friend wanted God on his own terms. It is like people who get involved in an affair outside of marriage. The girlfriend on the side enters into a relationship with a married man they both agree that it’s only going to be for fun. What’s then the girlfriend on the side develops feelings for the married man. So then the girlfriend on the side expresses her feelings to the married man and forces him to make the decision. Whatever decision the man makes people are going to be hurt.However if he makes the right decision to stay with his wife he can rebuild the relationship if he leaves the wife to live with the new girlfriend he is cursed his life is going to be miserable,sooner or later the girlfriend will meet someone else and inevitably the man will end up alone and lost.
    With God it is exactly the same God is not going to be anybody’s bit on the side or anybody’s second love he will be the first love or be won’t be your love at all.with God it is all or nothing and when you choose God you clearly see you have lost nothing and gained everything.but if we choose the world we gain nothing and lose everything.
    Thank you for your post bishop
    God Bless you.