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This, then, is the judgment: The light has come into the world, and people loved darkness rather than the light because their deeds were evil. — John 3.19

Jesus was talking to Nicodemus, a religious leader who, by fear of being seen with Jesus, came to visit Him at night. Jesus used that man’s furtive way of seeking the truth to expose his (and people’s) greatest sin.

The greatest sin is not murder, or adultery, rape, stealing, lying or any other kind of human evil. The greatest sin is unbelief — the rejection of God’s light, because unbelief holds us guilty of all the other sins. Unbelief means rejecting the medicine that heals us from all other sins.

This is the medicine: Jesus said that those who believe in Him are not condemned. Though guilty, they’re acquitted by their faith. However, those who do not believe in Him have already been tried and condemned. Who tried and condemned these people? They themselves did it, by their own choices. They loved wrong rather than right. This is a saddening truth: there are those who love the filth, the devil’s ways rather than the ways of God. They prefer the darkness because it conceals their wrongs. They hate the light because it exposes all the wrong things they do. This is their condemnation. And they will get exactly what they love: darkness. They cannot complain.

Believing is a choice that requires letting go of certain things. Not believing is also a choice and it too requires letting go — but in this case, letting go of the gift that God offers us to hold on to evil deeds.

Putting it into practice: Choose to believe. Love the light rather than the darkness. Let go of the things that separate you from God; they are not worth it.

Has it been difficult for you to let go of the practice of wrong things? What does that say about your faith, given that those who believe in Jesus do not live in the practice of wrong? What if you choose to believe right here and now? What would you have to let go because of your belief? Leave your comment here.


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72 Responses to “Thought #3 — Rejecting the medicine”

  1. Thank you Bishop for this message. I have decided to choose the light even though I would have to give up on a relationship of 14 years. I realise this relationship is keeping me in darkness and preventing me having a personal relationship with God.

    • Wow, that truly is amazing! God sees your ambition to please him and will honor you with greatness! I’ve been there before and it’s not easy but its very possible in Jesus christ… Like the word of God says that you can’t please two men because you are bound to let one down. And you chose the man that will never let you down! Your actions are an inspiration. May God bless you and use you more everyday @sharon

  2. We show our unbelief in God when we don’t change the way we are, instead of putting ourselves in the light and exposing our works, we keep stuff hidden in the darkness and this shows that we don’t believe in God’s power to change/help us.

    Very interesting.

    Thank you Bp.

  3. Genesis J Vielman 3 years ago

    If faith (believing) is what bring us closer to God and what makes look good before Him too. But unbelief is more than just a negative thought. Its something that drag you away from God. Because then we commit to please Him or even be saved because through you faith your being saved.
    Very strong Bishop!

  4. Dilma Goncalves 3 years ago

    To Sharon, God will honor that. That is a very hard decision to make. But you recognize the most important thing, letting go of someone or something that is close, that impedes you from having Jesus closer! God bless you in your journey and may He continue to give you light in your mind(direction) of your choices and decisions about Him and you Sentimental Life. You will be blessed in both and more IN THE NAME OF JESUS!

    I had to ask God and He gave me the strength to let go of a relationship of 3 years, friendships of longer(almost a lifetime), pride, arrogance, drinking, and more that kept me away from being in the light. Now, I still have things to work on and whatever I CHOOSE to bring to light(God), it changes! Choosing to believe is an everyday battle, the devil tries to take away from us and win, I fight daily to continue with God, it’s the only way to mine and your Salvation.

  5. In the beginning of my journey with my faith. It was not easy to let go of relationships, habits, addictions and attitudes that separates me from God. But because I choose to believe, I decided to act on what I believe and this transformed my life. And up to this day, I can say it’s still not easy to walk in the light, to always choose to do what is right but this is what I had, have and will choose until the end of my life.

  6. Boitumelo 3 years ago

    Thank you Bp, sometimes we think being in church translates to being in the light, and that may not necessarily be so. Through this thought, I found something that I had not let go of and have decided to come to the light fully as letting it go is for my benefit. I will no longer reject the light and condemn myself but will instead use my faith to acquit myself through His grace. This is a breakthrough for me…God bless

  7. njabulo charles 3 years ago

    between these 40 days i believe GOD is going to give me power to let go of my wrong practices

  8. Samuel Osewa 3 years ago

    I choose to do right cause I know that with bad choices it will only bring bad things in my life so I will use the 40 days help guides my choices I make in my life.

  9. Sunita-YPI(Ireland) 3 years ago

    Well I had to let go many things in my life.I will give one example: before knowing God I was feeding evil thoughts and evil feelings inside of me, thinking about a lot of bad things in my life.After knowing God then I knew it was wrong.If I would not know God in my life I would still be in the darkness.But I am very thankful to God for Him to show me his light and I decided to always keep it shining.

  10. Very strong Bishop. We all have so much to change, and it’s true our unbelief does come from us not changing, otherwise why would we remain the same. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I would like to have strength in a campaign temple and get my healing

  12. Thokozani Magwanya 3 years ago

    Fear of being exposed to people about my physical life especially the time I was not working, having fear to speak about JESUS even though I personally believe in Him. Afraid that what people are saying about me and my faith in JESUS. And I surpose not to be like that, but to believe in His Word,( The thief does not come except to steal,and to kill,and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.) John 10,10. Thank you Bishop

  13. lesley mahlangu 3 years ago

    Jhoo! Really Bishop There Is No Benefit Of Doubt For These Thought, Because The Work Of The Medicine Of God Is To Lead Us Into a Theral Healing Of Our Soul, But Me As a Person I`ve Rejected It, Because I know It Will PUrify Me Of Any Sin I Committed Before My Almighty, & iCan`t Make God Stupid Of Coming Back From My Dirts Again
    & Ask For The Medicine, So I Think I Have To Decide From My Inside, Thank A lot.

  14. Honest Mwape Nkandu 3 years ago

    I believe that Jesus is Lord, I surender all my griefs, worries and sorrows to Him because He is the one who forgives sins, thank you Jesus to accept me as your friend and helper, Amen

  15. Hlobile 3 years ago

    Thank you Bishop.I concur with you have stated.The medicine we reject is usually the one that heals us,the sugary and sweet is easy to consume yet it is affective and is usually of not benefit.The same can be said with darkness,its usually more acceptable and ones sins seem concealed and yet the light exposes everything.

  16. Guilherme lucas 3 years ago

    I choose to do right cause I know that with bad choices it will only bring bad things in my life so I will use the 40 days help guides my choices I make in my life.

  17. Alex Kinda 3 years ago

    I would let go of holding on to the past.

  18. I am praying that in these 40 days I may be made new better that what I ever was

  19. Tonic Gaofenngwe 3 years ago

    when i came to church in the first two years it was hard to let go of everything every wrong things but the moment i was baptized in water for the second time because at first iwas bathed in church. I took a decision to let go of everything then i concentrated in the ways of my role model, my LORD JESUS , my FATHER in heaven. This showed my growth of faith my spiritual life

  20. I choose the light and I’m letting goof the addictions,grudge, envy,hatred, lie and unbelief.

  21. mandisile 2 years ago

    I choose to believe and letting go of unproductive thoughts to my Spiritual growth. I know this will push the devil away from me and my salvation will be guaranteed.