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Allow it for now, because this is the way for us to fulfill all righteousness. — Matthew 3.15

These are the second spoken Words of Jesus recorded in the Gospels — 18 years after the first ones. Here, at the age of 30, He is ready to execute His purpose on Earth. Notice that He waited until then, despite showing He was fully aware of His mission by the age of 12. What did He do in the meantime? There is little information about it, but what we can be sure of is that He prepared Himself throughout those years. Before execution, there has to be preparation.

Athletes go through years of preparation for a competition that lasts minutes or seconds. A neurosurgeon may take a couple hours to operate on a patient, but not before a 12-year period of learning and training. If you do not take your preparation seriously, your execution will probably be poor and come short of what is expected.

Here, Jesus was replying to John the Baptist’s objection to baptize Him. “I need to be baptized by You”, said John, recognizing Jesus’ superiority. However, the Thought of Jesus was “For now, it has to be this way, because it is important to do everything the right way, as it ought to be done.”

Two lessons:

  1. Doing something is good; doing it right is better. Jesus was concerned about doing it right, fulfilling what was expected of Him; doing things in the right order and at the right time.
  2. Humility is the start of everything. Jesus was greater than John, but He submitted to John’s authority. Those who are great are not concerned about appearing to be small. Only those who are small are concerned about appearing to be great. Honor comes after humility.

Putting it into practice: Prepare yourself, prepare yourself, execute. Do it right. Do not worry about making sure people see you as great.


In general, do you usually overdo it when preparing yourself or you don’t prepare yourself enough? How could you achieve the balance? Do you tend to do it first and check later to see if you did it right or if it came out well? What are the advantages and disadvantages of being like this? Do you have a hard time submitting to someone “smaller” than you? Leave your comments here.


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65 Responses to “Thought #2 — Preparation and greatness”

  1. Thokozani Magwanya 3 years ago

    Yes Bishop, when it comes to the side of preparing before executing a task,that’s where my problem is. I will always postpone the time of preparation until there is not enough time for me to prepare, so I will do that particular task without enough preparations,so the results won’t be as good as I expected to be. The advantage is that I always do and complete my task but the disadvantages are the results because are not as expected to be, when it comes in submitting to someone smaller than me, I don’t have a problem. Thank you Bishop

  2. Guilherme lucas 3 years ago

    The message is so great and I have learned that whatever I do I must do it right and I must always be humble

  3. Sometimes I do things which I never wanted to do,things that always drives me away from my father, I try to live according to His word but sometimes I become unfaithful, now I know my purpose I will stand up and say that Jesus, You are my Lord

  4. If there is anything I need to work on is preparation. Submission I don’t have a problem with as I recognize every authority placed by God.

  5. ntombozuko 3 years ago

    Great message bishop i learn a lot,from now on i will prepare myself and make things right than better

  6. Nompumelelo Shange 3 years ago

    Bp I am much aware of the need to prepare before execution but I would do it more than enough and will end up not executing my purpose through fear that I will not succeed because I didn’t prepare well.

  7. Tonic Gaofenngwe 3 years ago

    I always prepare but its never enough this is the reason i am not the best for now. To make it possible i have indulged myself massively in this Holy campagin of Israel and in the 40 days of Jesus for i believe my preparations will now be excellent.

  8. A si es Obispo si no nos preparamos para realizar las cosas no salen bien y es un error que e cometido muchas veces pero a partir de hoy voy a prepararme

  9. Kagisho Sefako 3 years ago

    I don’t prepare myself enough, only when I do what is expected to me. There are no advantages of it because I don’t benefit. The disadvantages: it seems like I am afraid or I am not sure of what I do at that moment. No I don’t have a hard time in submitting to someone smaller than me.

  10. Hi again,

    Day 2 of reading the thought of Jesus and I hope I can be consistent in reflecting and applying what I have been reading.
    Thougt 2 is really very interesting which in fact I always plan,research, and seek advice of others. I even write it down all my goals and how to achieve them, what I lack is application and discipline. I tend to procastinate and move away from my goal if there would be any problems that comes my way. I would like to change that, small little steps and as Jesus said, “I just need to prepare and do it right”. Thank you

  11. Michael M 3 years ago

    Thank you again Bp.
    After reading this I recognise not that I do not plan, because I plan a lot, however I do not like to give things the time they need to flourish. I get impatient. therefore I have decided I will begin writing my goals and plans down and develop a thought process to make sure I factor in things like time.
    I have also decided that I must speak more openly when I am facing certain issues with my goals and not fear seeming silly. as the blog says humbleness is the start of everything.
    🙂 thanks again.

  12. If we do the will of God.obviously we will display the character of god.However no matter how good we might be without humility we cannot do things right.

  13. Shanice 3 years ago

    Morning Bishop

    Thanks for this message. Its funny recently i have been checking my self my behaviour and i see that i have been to worried aboit being great so now i can change my mentality.

  14. mandisile 2 years ago

    Yes Bishop, I don’t usually prepare myself enough and this has been costly to me .i don’t have a problem submitting to young people but I have a problem of them taking advantage of me because they have authority over me.