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Why were you looking for Me? Didn’t you know that I had to be here, dealing with the things of my Father? Luke 2:49

These are the first recorded Words of Jesus when He was only 12 years old. His parents were desperately searching for Him, thinking that He had gotten lost in the crowd in Jerusalem. Two days later, they found Him in the Temple, sitting among the religious leaders, listening to them and asking questions. Mary and Joseph rebuked Him, as any parent would in similar circumstances. And Jesus answered, surprised that they did not understand what He was doing.

At such a young age, Jesus was very clear about His purpose in life: to deal with the things of His Father.

One of the most profitable things you can do is to know, as soon as possible, what your purpose in life is. Why are you in this world? Is it to occupy space, consume oxygen and other resources on our planet, then die and fade into oblivion? For what purpose does your existence serve?

We can all live a meaningful life, with a sense of purpose and direction. After all, we are included in the affairs and plans of our Father. The question is: have you been busy with His affairs or with other things?

Application: Be involved in the affairs of the Father and He will help you discover your purpose in this life.


Do you already know or have you already defined your purpose in life? When did it happen? What helped you discover it? Do you feel you have not yet found your purpose in life? Why? Leave your comment.


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114 Responses to “Thought #1 – Your purpose in life”

  1. Hello,

    Until now I have not found my purpose in life, perhaps I’m too busy in focusing in solving what can I do to please my partner or what to do to get out of debt. Still searching…

  2. jeremia 3 years ago

    My purpose is to Obey the word of God and to do His will in this world .whilst I am still alive.

  3. Michael M 3 years ago

    I am still searching for my defined purpose, however I believe that as it stands my purpose is to use the talents God has given me, use His Word and glorify His name through my life. To use my life to save souls, undo Satan’s work and establish a true faith in the Living God. Thank you for posting this because even as I wrote this my mind has been coming up with ways in which I need to start applying myself to this purpose.

    Thank you.


  4. Thank you for this message bishop it’s very strong, I was just thinking how hard it must be to live life with no purpose, I have found my purpose in life, but when there’s no purposes we start to just live anyhow.

    Thank you

  5. my purpose in life is to be wit him in kingdom and do what my master want me to do and to obey each an every requirement Iam given by him

  6. In life must not limit myself and I believe I came to change the world.I have to change the way I live my life so that by my changes people around me can change.I can make great things and doesn’t matter which age

  7. nicholas 3 years ago

    Bishop I think my purpose is to use the gifts God gave me into work in His kingdom,serving him with all the resources He has given me.obeying His voice always in what I do

  8. Bishop,before this i did not know my purpose in life especially when it came to the work of God.Now i understand that i have to do the work of God my father.

  9. Nicole Cruz 3 years ago

    I truly found my purpose in life throughout my journey with God in the Universal Church . To be exact, my third Campaign of Isreal is the exact point in my journey that I realized my purpose .

  10. No I don’t know my purpose in life but I willing to know

  11. Blessed Alice Omoding 3 years ago

    My purpose in life is for eternity. I was created by God and for God; i have to be involved in God;s things, be used by God by accepting Him as my Creator, God the Father, Lord and Saviour; listen to His Voice, obey and put into action His Word. I was born by God’s purpose and for His purpose. to prove that i am a servant of God (Assistant) in the UCKG.

    Bishop, I will continue each day to read your blog discovering my purpose in the 40 Thoughts of Jesus series in the 40 days i have started today.

    God bless you Bishop & your Ministry.

  12. Ernesto Martinez 3 years ago

    My purpose in life is to glorify God every step of the way. I realize it when I was in ypg or fju the pastor was talking to the youth and said how do you see your self in 10 years. That’s when I realized my life needs a purpose. I think that’s my real purpose in life

  13. I have purposed to live my life throughout, pleasing God by obeying Him through His Word and the Voice of His Spirit – The Holy Spirit.
    Knowing that there are three(3) that beareth witness in heaven:- The Father, The Word(Jesus) and The Holy Spirit and these Three(3) are One 1Jn.5:7.
    Also 1Jn.5:8 tells us that there are Three(3) Forces that beareth witness here on earth – The Holy-Spirit, The Water-The Word-Jesus; and The Blood of Jesus. So with the combine Power/Forces of the Spirit, Word & Blood, I have overcome all my life challenges, my victory is guaranteed and established in all life battles; and I`m to fulfilled destiny in grand style just by obeying God, the voice of the Holy-Spirit and pleading the Blood of Jesus in Faith, whenever confronted by any/all evil forces. Amen.
    Just walking in the contiousness of the aleady won victory in Christ Jesus guarantees my all round victory in life – This is Intelligent Faith indeed.
    With God, All Things Are Possible for me since I believe. Halelujah!

  14. Mandisile Qhosho 2 years ago

    Yes, Bishop, i have found that i have to give reverance to my God and live glorifying Him daily in anything that i do and have. Holy Spirit revealed this me discovered some years ago but lacked focus along the way.doing these thoughts to focus to my purpose in life.