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  • About me

    Renato Cardoso is a writer, columnist and international speaker. Family and Marriage Counselor, certified by the National Marriage Centers of New York, is also author of the best-selling Armored Marriage and 120 minutes to armor his marriage, both written in partnership with his wife, Cristiane Cardoso. The couple presents The Love School weekly on the Record Television Network. Renato is the creator of the IntelliMen project (intellimen.com) and maintains the blog renatocardoso.com, where he writes about relationships and spiritual intelligence.


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Hours and Channels

Watch our TV and radio programming.

  • Rede Record
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    Rede Record

    Sábado, 12h e reprise no mesmo dia na Record News, 17h. Algumas filiais podem não retransmitir. Consulte.

  • RedeTV
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    Dicas de Amor – Segunda a sexta, às 17h.
    Escola do Amor Responde – Domingo, às 10h.

  • Rede CNT
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    Rede CNT

    De 2ª a 6ª, 20h (reprise).

  • Rede 21
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    Rede 21

    Domingo 19h (reprise) Cobertura: Sinal Digital e Analógico. www.cnt.com.br/cobertura

  • Rede Ideal TV
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    Rede Ideal TV

    Dicas do Amor – Segunda a Domingo às 02h30. Escola do Amor Responde – Segunda a Sábado às 22h00

  • Rede Aleluia
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    Rede Aleluia

    De segunda a sexta, às 6h30 e às 23h30 em São Paulo e às 11h30 para todo o Brasil. Sábado, às 6h30 (reprise).

  • Rede Família
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    Rede Família

    Presente em 11 Estados em canal aberto. Em todo Brasil pelo satélite digital C2 – 70,0ºW.

  • EdA Responde
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    EdA Responde

    EdA Responde. No radio de 2ª a 6ª. Pela internet, clique aqui e confira nosso Podcast.

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