September 7th (Brazil’s Independence Day)

IT IS HARD to change a country where people are more concerned when it goes down to the world soccer ranking than the fact it is second to last in education*. But I keep on believing we can change that; but the change has to start from within, in the mind of Brazilians. We have […]


Successful people do this

  Successful people have habits that are quite different from most people. One of them is to be cautious about what comes into their mind.  Watch the video above (1 min).   Also read:   Sign up for this blog and be advised of new posts…


Those successful people

  Those successful, accomplished and wealthy people you know don’t necessarily have more qualities or talents than you, but they all have something in common: they dared to believe. They didn’t dwell in the shadows of hesitation. They didn’t ask why or how; they didn’t come up with excuses. They just went ahead, head first. […]


Every human being has a god* complex

  Every human being has a god* complex. Some more than others, but we all like the idea of: – doing whatever we want and not being held accountable for anything – bending principles and values ​​for our own benefit; magically escaping the consequences of our own attitudes – thinking that we are knowledgeable about […]

Intellimen 2.0 – Challenge #2

  Men. Intelligent. ™ © 2016 Challenge #2 Do not do it before completing Challenge #1 This is IntelliMen 2.0. If you want to join the Project and get the best results, begin with the 53 Challenges. Challenge: Study the photograph below and take notes of what you learn from it.   Explanation: Not every […]

IntelliMen 2.0 – Challenge #1

Men. Intelligent. ™ © 2016 Challenge #1   IMPORTANT: This is IntelliMen 2.0. If you want to join the Project and get the best results, begin with the 53 Challenges.   Challenge: Identify and overcome the resistance that is impeding you from doing what you need to do. Explanation: What is it that you know […]


DOMINION: the first UCKG event only for MEN

For the first time ever, men all over the UK will come together for the “DOMINION” event. Here are 7 reasons why you should set aside the time on the evening of April 26th to attend this event: The event’s theme – God created the man to have dominion, not to be dominated by anything. […]


8 tips to end narrow-minded thinking

  Narrow-minded people don’t like new ideas; they cling desperately to their own way of thinking. They think they’re always right and have no qualms about attacking anyone who contradicts them. They’re almost always outdated — stuck in time. They refuse to better themselves and refuse to consider other people’s point of view. In some […]


In search of perfection

  Many times when we think about perfection, the things that immediately come to mind are the ones we lack, that we need to add to our lives. We lack this and that—and we think that everything will be perfect only when there is nothing more to add. However, sometimes perfection is not in adding […]

Thought #27 — The secret to being honored in public

Part of the series “40 Thoughts of Jesus.” View all previous here, but first learn how the purpose works here.   But you, when you pray, go into your room, and when you have shut your door, pray to your Father who is in the secret place; and your Father who sees in secret will […]