My friends James and Helena form a beautiful couple, and have a lot to talk about on the subject of love. I hope they’ll share with you some day how they met.

Anyway, their Love Talk show has just been launched in London, and I’m very happy to see what they’re doing. Don’t let their youth betray you…

Out with Jay Leno… in with Jay-Lena… :- )




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5 Responses to “Love talk show debuts in London”

  1. Gugulethu Makhanya 5 years ago

    Wow, am so glad that the show is growing. Hopefully one day it will be here in South Africa.

    • ms guni, england 5 years ago

      You can check some of the shows are on you tube just go the uckg uk website and you might be able to see some shows. Hope this helps. good luck.

  2. MARIANA 5 years ago

    I love the show!They couldn’t find better presenter than Pastor James and his wife! very helpful and I am sure many marriages will get the help my marriage gets from it.

    Thank you

  3. As been so long you really look so cute together.

  4. Nokuzola 4 years ago

    Dear Bishop
    Thank you for your strong message.What I noticed about myself is that I rejected small things in my marriage although little things matters.Il earned about communication and appreciation.Thank you Bishop.