If this is your first time here and you want to know more about the IntelliMen Project, what it is, how it works and how to join, start by clicking this link and reading our Manifesto.


If you have already joined the IntelliMen Project and are looking for the Challenges or the FAQs, see bellow.

1. Can I have more than one Official Buddy?
Your Official Buddy is the person you will go through most of the Challenges with, frequently talk to, and encourage to stick to the project until the very end. Because of this, it is a relationship that has to be maintained. If you have time to stay in regular contact with more than one Buddy, then go ahead. But you will probably realize that it is more realistic to have only one.

2. Does my Official Buddy need to invite another person to be his Buddy?
No, you are each other’s Official Buddies.

3. Can we make groups of 3, 5, 10 etc. people or should we only do it in pairs?
You need one Official Buddy who will be your partner. If you have more friends with their own partners and you all want keep in touch for encouragement purposes, that's not a problem.

4. May I organize meetings of IntelliMen members in my area?
Only Official i-Trainers can organize and lead IntelliMen meetings. We're in the process of recruiting and appointing Intellimen leaders and will keep you informed here on the blog.

5. Am I allowed to make an IntelliMen t-shirt, stickers etc.?
It is really important for the group to keep a uniform image – logo, key phrases and other identifiers. That can only be achieved if we control and centralize the use of these images. Therefore, using materials with the group’s logos without permission IS NOT ALLOWED. Every IntelliMan is disciplined and honest and as such will have no problem understanding and respecting this rule. Breaking it will unfortunately result in exclusion from the group. At the appropriate time, the group will have its official shirt and other materials.

6. Is it OK if I create a Facebook page for IntelliMen here in the UK? (or other country)
There is only one official page for IntelliMen on Facebook and Twitter in each language: English, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian. Our intention is to grow and promote the Project worldwide. Therefore it is important to keep only one official page rather than divide our strengths. You must interact and post only on these pages.

7. Can I do it alone or do I have to have a Partner?
IntelliMen is a group of men that helps each other, one helping another. Most of the tasks require working in pairs. So, no you cannot do it alone.

8. I don't use Facebook or Twitter. Where can I post my comment after completing a challenge?
It would be good for you to use a social network, even if you only use it to spread the news about the Project and to inspire others. But, if for personal reasons you insist on not using any social network, you can place your posts here on the blog.

9. My Partner is not doing his challenges, what should I do?
Have a serious conversation with him and explain that you’re taking the Project seriously and need him to participate with you. If he wants a chance to improve, give him an opportunity. But if he's really not interested and continues to lag behind, change partners.

10. I have a new Official Partner – does he need to begin the challenges from #1 or can he begin from where I left off?
He should work with you on your current challenge. However, if he has the motivation, he would benefit from doing the challenges from the very beginning side-by-side with the new ones.

11. Can I post the challenges on Facebook or Twitter during a Fast of Daniel?
If there is a Fast of Daniel, you can continue with your IntelliMen Challenge as usual during that period of time. You can access the blog and post the IntelliMen tasks as you would normally, without being distracted by other things on the internet.

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