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Challenge #8

Don’t start before completing Challenge #7.
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Challenge: Identify something that’s been dominating you, and begin to dominate it.

Explanation: The very first time God spoke to man, one of the instructions he gave Him was “have dominion…” Man was designed by God to have dominion over everything in this world, not to be dominated by it. (Note: “everything” not “everyone.” Man was not given the right to have dominion over people.) God’s idea was simple: man would be His administrator on earth. He would have complete authority to develop and care for life on the earth. And yet, in spite of his dominion over all things, man would have to report to a higher Authority. He would have to acknowledge that he was not God  – that he was God’s creation. Everything else was under man’s authority and was subject to him. (Read about this in Genesis 1:26-31)

But when a man allows something to have dominion over him he stops being a “man.” He becomes an animal or slave to the person or thing that has dominion over him. His identity is lost, as are his divine calling and nature.

In this challenge I want you to stop, think, and assess whether or not something is dominating you. Here are some examples of things which dominate men these days: addictions, laziness, fear, trauma, sex, masturbation, pornography, bad friends, food (over eating), video games, self-doubt, religion, worldly philosophies, bullying, bad habits, lying, greed, fashion, music, an obsession with celebrities, anger, pride, shyness, negativity, jealousy, the fear of displeasing others, hidden sins, etc.

Basically, anything that has dominion over you, controls you, or rules over you has transformed you into its slave and diminished your value as a man. Keep in mind that these problems can be very subtle. They might have existed for so long that you’ve become accustomed to them. So don’t be quick to say “Nothing has dominion over me.” Take time to think, put your entire life under a magnifying glass.

When you identify the things that have had dominion over you, write them down in your Notebook. Then, next to each one of them state what you will do to have dominion over them from now on.

Also watch this video “Being a Man” and pay close attention as you watch.

Official Partner:  Speak to your partner about what has been dominating you and what you’re going to do about it. If it’s something you don’t want to reveal, you don’t have to. You’re not obligated to share this. It depends on the level of trust that exists between you and your Partner. Just remember, when you confess something to a trustworthy, capable friend, the fight gets easier. Think about this. If your partner doesn’t feel at ease to share with you, respect him, and don’t take it the wrong way.

Deadline: You can begin to work on this task immediately and should be done before you begin Challenge #9, in a week.

Post: After – and only after – you have completed the challenge, post a comment about the experience of this challenge. Post it on the IntelliMenWorld Facebook or Twitter page, (not on your own page) and write the following:

IntelliMen Challenge #8 done:  My experience was… (add your comment)

Links: (when tweeting, use @intelliMenworld)


Verification checklist

☐ I read Genesis 1:26-31 and identified the things which were dominating me
☐ I wrote down what I’m going to do about these things in my Notebook
☐ I watched the “Being a Man” video
☐ I spoke to my Partner about the challenge
☐ I posted it on Facebook/Twitter



I do not think much of a man who is not wiser today than he was yesterday. – Abraham Lincoln


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22 Responses to “IntelliMen Challenge #8”

  1. ike moeng 5 years ago

    Challenge 8 done, my experience was amazing. There are things that we may have gotten used to overtime and considered them part of us whereas they are wrong and need to be dealt with immediately. This challenge was like a thorough inspection of which if you look close enough you will find a missed spot.

  2. TyelovesGod nana 5 years ago

    IntelliMen challenge#8 done:God made us special and want great things to happen in our lives so we should not be making obstacles.i understand that i can not let things in the world rule over me because were given the power rule all things on earth.I truly want to change and become a young man of God. Thanks Bp

  3. IntelliMen Challenge #8 done: My experience was like ‘taking the bull by its horns’. The longer these things controls a man physically,emotionally and mentally the worse is the consequences.

  4. Sifiso Dabengwa 5 years ago

    IntelliMen Challenge done:My experience was exhillerating it was really a wow! kind of like factor .What I mean is that I identified quiet a number of things which had been dominating my life infact ever since I was a boy.I will say though that the best thing that has ever happened to me was to be born of God that is really the one and only surest way to overcome myself.On the other hand something to share from my list that I want to overcome is timewasting.In the hustle and bustle of the city life where I am currently working it is quiet challenging to dominate time as I used to in the small remote village that I worked some six months ago.Though I used to thrive underpressure some years ago,its interesting to notice that it is only God by the power of the Holy Spirit helping us.That is great!!!

  5. IntelliMen challenge 8# done. This for me came as a booster, because I have hed two things that were realy dominating me. But since last Saturday when I saw this challenge, I got revolted and now am wining. Thank you Jesus for this challenges.

  6. wongalethu 4 years ago

    Intellimen Challenge # 8 Done :My experience was overwhelming for me as it was wonderful to see myself dominating a challenge or situation that troubled me for quiet some time. this taught me to stand my ground and no be contempt with the way things were, it was an amazing experience.

  7. Intellimen challenge8 done# has made me realise the main thing that has been dominant in my life and not entertaining it and using my authority will surely give me dominion cause if i give in it will dominate me

  8. Offinias J Kasalu 4 years ago

    I can see this challenge which teach man to be responsible with everything that as given to us. I have been hearing many times when something is wrong, man is looking for someone to blame. Which causes men not to have direction. If we change this, we will be able to see ahead of us. Even King Saul if he could recognize his fault and ask for forgiveness, God could consider him to be forgiven. I follow all this challenge and learn a lot from it.

  9. Andile maAndzoO Luvuno 4 years ago

    Intellimen challenge#8 done what’s dominating me is musiQe and Facebook so from now on I will be doing the dominating part.

  10. Fernandes 4 years ago

    Great Task!

  11. Michael B33 3 years ago

    intellimen challenge#8 Done.. well there were atleast 5 things that were dominating me. 1..most of the times i would speak what comes from my heart without even thinking sometimes. 2.. the way that i act like my mannerisms will sometimes lead me to act the way i did in the past. 3.. being an example around family. 4..where my eyes would wonder off to as soon as i left the house. 5..Doubt… i worked on these things this whole week and i have seen a difference already . everything can be dominated in Jesus name.. very good challenge.

  12. Guilherme Lucas 3 years ago

    Challenge # 8 completed, each day we find something different that we have to learn to master, impatience, anger, fears, this challenge made me be more attentive to always dominate the power that comes ahead

  13. Kieron Miller 3 years ago

    IntelliMen Challenge #8 Done. I saw that laziness was dominating me soo much and I was peoud in certain aspects to understand that I was lazy when people told me. I can be an active person and thats why when I realised I was lazy it made me wake up and smell the coffee. I set things to dominate my dominator and will continue without stopping

  14. Reggie Nelson 3 years ago

    Challenge #8 done

    This challenge was good for me as I managed to highlight things that were controlling me without even realising. The things that controlled me was frustration, as i tend to be easily frustrated and also pride in certain aspects.

  15. thabiso 3 years ago

    Challenge 8# :What caught my attention about this task is that I learnt to take action to never allow circumstances to dominate me but to dominate circumstances,thats why there is a saying that says were there is a will there is a way.

  16. Bongani Dube 3 years ago

    IntelliMen Challenge #8 done: My experience was many things were controlling me instead of controlling them like pride, video games. I would rather play games than going to church but now I go to church over games

  17. dennis chasaya 3 years ago

    IntellMen Challenge #8 done, this was a very big experience for me, l have learnt not take everything for granted but consider all importatant.

  18. i than god i join the intelliMen it teach me much.

  19. May god keep intellimen project

  20. romeo lumko key 3 years ago

    challenge 8 done:i didn’t want to accept that anger was dominating me but after this challenge now i am dominating it “anger free”

  21. Paulo Mauzer 3 years ago

    IntelliMen Challenge #8 done: My experience was enlightening. I analyzed my daily routine and noticed that one specific thing was dominating me. So I decided to dominate the dominator. I quickly realized that, by not being dominated, I was able to accomplish more during the day and have a better nights sleep. I have done my school work quickly and efficiently. This was a very helpful challenge.

  22. Daniel Boodoosingh 3 years ago

    IntelliMen Challenge #8 done:What i have learn for this message,is that man should not be dominated by things of the world,a man should take control of his self in order for this to happen a man has to start dominating now.This was a very helpful challenge.