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Challenge #6


 Don’t start before completing Challenge #5.
If you want to join the IntelliMen project, start from Challenge #1.


Challenge: Review what you learned in the first 5 challenges, and share the IntelliMen Project with someone who has not yet joined and encourage him to participate.

Explanation: It’s been a month since the project began, and it is the perfect time to review and re-evaluate what you’ve learned so far. Our mind tends to forget things easily, so we need to review the results of the challenges up to this point. The first part of this challenge is to go back to Challenge #1 and review what you’ve done. How satisfied are you with the results, and what you’ve learned? For example, the first challenge was to choose an Official Partner. Review how this choice has worked so far. Are you happy with your partner’s performance, enthusiasm, and participation? Has he delayed you or helped you? Does he need to be replaced by someone more interested? Also, what kind of Partner have you been? Can you improve? Others may be saying “I couldn’t find an Official Partner,” and so they gave up searching and are trying to do the challenges without a Partner (I don’t know how). What does giving up say about you? (By the way, this is a point that we must insist on. The Intellimen Project must be done with a partner, otherwise it doesn’t count.)

Does this help to give you an idea of how to review the past month? Great, so go ahead and review what you’ve done in Challenge #2, then #3 , etc.

Are you keeping up with the 3 things you decided to improve about yourself in the second challenge? What about that list in the 3rd, how about taking another look at it (perhaps this will be the most pleasant review)? Keep on doing this until you reach the last challenge, #5.

How is your Notebook going? If you haven’t notice, your notebook will be an immeasurable treasure by the time a year rolls around. Use it and go through it regularly.

The second part of this challenge is for you to tell another man what a positive influence this project has had on you. If the IntelliMen Project has helped you, why would you keep it to yourself? So think of someone, at least one man (more if you want) that you know will benefit from this project. Tell him about the Project, explain how it works, and motivate him to begin.

Whether or not he joins is up to him. The decision is his. Your part, your challenge, is to explanation the project well, show enthusiasm, and explain why you are sure it would help him. Don’t pressure him, offer him help! If he’s interested, send him the Manifesto link, which will explain more and help him start from the beginning. (This doesn’t mean that he will be your partner too; he’ll have to find his own Official Partner in order to participate.)

Official Partner: Have a conversation with your Partner about what he thinks of the Project so far. Ask him for feedback about yourself, how satisfied is he with you as his partner, and give him your feedback as well.

Deadline:  You can begin this challenge immediately and complete it before Challenge #7.

Post: After – and only after – you have completed the challenge, post a comment about which challenge helped you the most so far. Post it on the IntelliMenWorld Facebook or Twitter page, (not on your own page) and write the following:

IntelliMen Challenge #6 done: So far, the challenge that has helped me most is… (add your commentary)

Links: (when tweeting, use @intelliMenworld)

Verification Checklist

I reviewed the first 5 challenges
I spoke about the IntelliMen Project to at least one other person
I gave and received my Partner’s feedback
I posted it on Facebook / Twitter

P.S. Just for fun


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33 Responses to “IntelliMen Challenge #6”

  1. Intellimen challenge #6 done, the all inspiration I have developed all comes from this project, the “man up series I watched, pointing out my best qualities and ignoring negative things people say about me really removed all the voids that had sorrounded me am here I am with my lord to face the world, and I want to thank bishop and above all the holy spitit upon him in jesus’s name.

  2. Bongani Dube 3 years ago

    intellimen challenge #6 done: the challenges have helped me a lot especial challenge number 2 and 3 about my best qualities, finding out about my qualities.

  3. jeremia Mkhwanazi 3 years ago

    challenge 6 # done, The challenges I have done so far have really helped me a lot on realizing how a man should behave and have self control.

  4. andile Luvuno 3 years ago

    IntelliMen challenge #6

    All these challenges have made me see what I’m good at, my qualities other things that make me as a person thank you

  5. Challenge #6. Done! The most challenge that helped me most is Challenge #2, where by i learned to change in Character i am in beacause i have been a short temper person. And to control my income as well by investing in things which are necessaly. Besides all 5 challenges make me who i am now and i did consulted one of my friend a man of God who make me courage as well. He is very Humble, Diligent, Wise and committed to the words of God and he feel more motivated by intellimen project.

  6. Paulo Mauze 3 years ago

    IntelliMen Challenge #6 done: So far, the challenge that has helped me most is the forth challenge. This challenge was very helpful because I learned that I must mostly think on others before I think about myself. For example, my mother has had watched many movies with me in my lifetime so why would I not take some time to watch a film with her? From now on I will give more attention to the needs of other. For this reason, challenge four was the best challenge for me.

  7. Ive learnt alot so far on this project so it has really helped me so but the work on certain issues is still continuing but the results are really great lol lol

  8. Daniel Boodoosingh 3 years ago

    IntelliMen Challenge #6 done:So far the challenge that was helpful to the most was #5. I have learn the meaning of a real man, a man must be able to help himself in order to help others, a man must be truthful and not telling lies.