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Challenge #47

Don’t start before completing Challenge #46.
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Challenge:  Porn-proof yourself by block any and all access to it.

Explanation: Last week’s challenge taught us that pornography is kryptonite for men. Young men, adult men, elderly men, married or single, all have succumbed to sex offered on the internet. That’s why this evil needs another challenge to finish it off once in for all. You are now more conscious of the dangers of pornography and what it can bring to your life and relationship, so now I want you to go a step further: cut off any chance of coming in contact with it — become porn-proof.

Your challenge for this week, and forever, includes these tasks as well as some promises to yourself:

  1. Erase any and all pornographic videos or images from your computer, smartphone, tablet, or any other place where it might be stored

  2. Throw away any magazines or pornographic material that you have in your possession  — including “light” pornography… semi-nude women and any provocative images.

  3. Configure your Internet browser to block pornographic sites and images. Most browsers offer configurations for this

  4. If you have any TV channels which show pornographic material, call the cable company and ask them to remove those channels from your package, and block them.

  5. If you had a habit of watching internet porn you probably did it alone, in a private place where nobody could see what you were doing. From now on, at least until this stops being a problem, you should only use the internet when someone is present.

  6. From now on, do not not delete your browser’s history, leaving “no trace” of the sites you’ve visited. If you’re not doing anything wrong then you have nothing to hide. If your wife or your parents want to look at your history, let them know that they are free to do so. This will make you think twice before going on any site you shouldn’t. (Obs: It’s normal to periodically clean your computer, as a matter of maintenance; that’s okay, every couple of months. But it can’t be an excuse to prevent people from seeing your history.)

  7. Stop looking at other women, undressing them with your eyes on the street, at school, at work, or any other place. We already agreed on this in Challenge #16.

  8. Practice self-control when it come to masturbation. Watch this video and gain a better understanding of this problem.

Do you have any tips on how to be porn-proof? Leave your comments below. Who knows, maybe one of your tips will be added to this Challenge’s list. Help out!

When you eliminate and and all contact to pornographic images from your life, you’ll notice that it’s much easier to control yourself. You’ll feel stronger. Your wife or girlfriend will admire your strength. If you’re single, you’ll deal with sexual temptations more efficiently. If you’re married, you’ll be protecting your marriage and the intimacy between you and your wife will improve.

Remember: an intelligent man is above the influence of porn.

Notebook: Jot down how many things and situations you have been tolerating, which left you exposed to pornography. Meditate on the difficulty of keeping yourself pure in this modern sex-induced world.

Official Partner: Speak about the subject, exchange ideas, talk about what you’ve both done to porn-proof yourselves.

Deadline: Begin working on this challenge immediately. You can progress to Challenge #48 in a week.

Post: After – and only after – you have completed the challenge, post your comments on the IntelliMenWorld Facebook or Twitter page, (not on your own page) and write the following:


IntelliMen Challenge #47 done: I took the necessary steps to porn-proof myself. (Add any other comments in regards to this.)



Verification Checklist

I applied all 8 steps which are relevant to my life
☐ I watched the suggested videos and visited the links
☐ I wrote down what I meditated on in my Notebook
☐ I spoke to my Partner about the challenge
☐ I posted my comments in Facebook/Twitter

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8 Responses to “IntelliMen Challenge #47”

  1. ercilio palange 4 years ago

    Make a covenant with my fingers never ever to write/type the word “porn” whenever browsing the net.

    When the idea to see or visit any porn site comes, I must not entertain it, but rather, I should rebuke it immediately, the same way as I rebuke the evil thoughts that come in my mind.

    I also thought about this: I should not let this “old habit” to be a secret anymore, and I should let someone who is capable of helping me know about it, to break the silence of porn, to denounce it, it can be a way of taking a “very cold shower” and break free from it.

  2. Offinias Kasalu 4 years ago

    I get ride for my old life. My life does not interested on watching porn anymore. Even my ears is blank, when they talk about porn I don’t pay station it. Sometimes it sound strange, but it the way I feel; nothing will change anymore. Other people telling that I am dead, it doesn’t make any different. I prayed for it that God to transform me in different Offinias. So I like this new Offinias.

  3. we need to control our self, to know what we want in life coz in our days those things to destroy our, so lets us to take a right way.

  4. IntelliMen Challenge #47 done: I took the necessary steps to porn-proof myself for the good of my conscious before God.

  5. ike moeng 4 years ago

    IntelliMen Challenge #47 done: I took the necessary steps to porn-proof myself.we should rebuke lustful thoughts and watch what we feed our brains/spirit…

  6. intellimen challenge “47 done.I took the necessary steps to porn-proof myself.porngraph is a sin before God so I believe that a man of God must not look at these things.

  7. Achille Bernard Mfoumou 4 years ago

    IntelliMen Challenge #47 done: As i said on #46 porno is worst than HIV-AIDS and even gangrene. My hands will never click on something related to porno.

  8. IntelliMen Challenge #47 done: I took the necessary steps to porn-proof myself. Though it was long done, it is for my clear conscience before God.