Challenge #4

 Don’t start before completing Challenge #3

Challenge: Make time for a family member and do something he or she likes.

Explanation: IntelliMen are family men. Recognizing the value of family is essential to living well with those near you. However, let’s be honest, there are some family members we wish we didn’t have. Your strange uncle, for example. Or the cousin who behaves like she never left middle school… Sometimes our family can be a complicated business. And yet, for this task we are not going to target the hardest to reach — trying to win over a family member who wouldn’t want to see you even if you were the last person on earth. Instead, let’s think of a family member close to us, or a friend who is “closer than a brother” in case you don’t have a family member nearby. Let’s take some time to do something with him or for him, that he likes. It could be your wife, mother, father, brother, grandmother, sister, son — a person who will appreciate your gesture and time, someone who maybe doesn’t receive this type of attention on a normal basis.

Your grandmother might not have left her house to do something she likes in years. If you know she likes flowers and gardens, what about taking her out to a Botanical Garden in your city?

I can already hear busy IntelliMen saying, “ I don’t have time for this.” You might not be able to spend four or five hours with a family member over the next couple of days, but you could find an hour to have lunch with your father, or 30 minutes to help your son with his homework. Go out to the cinema and watch a movie your wife wants to see (If cinema is out because you’re too busy or too cheap, at least snuggle up on the sofa and watch a movie or a TV show she likes). Or you could clean up the mess in the garage that your father has asked you to help him with since 2010.

Register the occasion: Take a picture of the two of you “in the act.” Who knows, you could even send the photo to this person with a nice comment: “I really enjoyed spending time with you at……..”

Official Partner: This challenge will not be done with your Official Partner, unless he is that family member. But you could speak together and come up with ideas of how to complete the challenge with the person you’ve chosen. Then, you could share with each other how the experience went.

Time period: Try to complete this task within a week. You might need to let the other person know immediately so they can fit it in with their schedule.

Post: After – and only after – you complete the task, post how the experience went along with a PHOTO of both of you doing the challenge, on the IntelliMen Facebook or Twitter page, (not on your own page) and write the following:

IntelliMen Challenge #4 done: … (finish it with your own words, speak about the photo)

Links: (when tweeting, use @intelliMenworld)


Verification Checklist

☐ Identify the family member
☐ I did something he liked
☐ I spoke to my Partner about the challenge
☐ I posted the picture on Facebook/Twitter

P.S We added some more answers to the FAQ’s page about the IntelliMen Project.


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62 Responses to “IntelliMen Challenge #4”

  1. Bahle Mpetho 3 years ago

    IntelliMen challenge 4done. It was so great to make amarhewu for my mother, cause its her favourite.

  2. Bongani Dube 3 years ago

    intelliMen challenge#4 done: even though we fight we must always love and forget because we can choose our friends but not family that brought me closer with my family and always be ready to help if they facing certain problems

  3. Dauda Lahai 3 years ago

    IntelliMen challenge #4 done: i learned many things from my mother as i spent time with her as well as her with me.

  4. Sechaba Cutshwa 3 years ago

    Challenge #4 done, this challenge was very interesting because i had to aproach my mother and help her with something that i think she really needed someone to help her with. Well i cleaned and washed clothes for her.

    • john kagura 3 years ago

      i see that in was wrong about my but now im helping in family needs and help my young brother and my young sisters

  5. andile Luvuno 3 years ago

    IntelliMen challenge #4 done although we have disagreements in most times and sometimes see things in same way at the end of the day we pals

  6. willard 3 years ago

    I went out with my family during the day of the past firstval . When l came back at home l had to garther togather with my nextdoor for a supper it was a nice time

  7. issa mansaray 3 years ago

    IntelliMen Challenge #4 done I learn that family reunion is the best one can ever get ,cuz with all the busy time hard word we all do it in the name of our family,so this challenge gives me more courage in loving my family d more and learn from them, same goes to them learning frm me.

  8. Challenge #4. Done! I gained more experience of being cooperative, staying wth my young brothers, as their elder i jz gave them a suprise by cooking for them almost th whole week. They just liked it n they were just speechless.

  9. Paulo Mauzer 3 years ago

    IntelliMen Challenge #4 done: I spent quality time with my mom. She wanted to watch a movie this week and I watched it with her. She asked me but at first I denied but then remembered about the challenge; therefore, I told her that I wanted to stay with her. She became very glad with my company, just as I was with her’s.

  10. Cecil Mutanda 3 years ago

    The most difficult thing for me l was not willing to do was to help my wife with cooking and is what have able to do through the courage that I get from intellimen .Challenge number 4 is done.