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Challenge #16

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Challenge: Make a pact with your eyes and promise not to lust after women.

Explanation: Ok, perhaps this is the hardest challenge yet. Much harder than Challenge #11 — two times harder. The issue is that men’s eyes are drawn to women, especially young and beautiful women. But that’s not the problem. There are good reasons for God creating us this way. Men might never pursue women if they were not attracted to them, and that would mean no marriage and no children. The human race would be doomed to extinction. So, this attraction has a natural reason for existing. The problem lies in the lack of self control and discipline.

When a man looks at a woman who is not his wife, with desire or lust, he make life more complicated for himself:

  • His attention is distracted from more important activities (drivers can confirm this)
  • He gives in to impure thoughts
  • He begins to view women as mere objects of pleasure
  • He shows disrespect for that woman
  • He triggers jealousy in his wife or girlfriend
  • He is a bad example to his children and to those who look up to him
  • He triggers bad habits like masturbation and pornography

This problem is so serious that the Lord Jesus himself saw the need to address it directly:

But I say, anyone who even looks at a woman with lust has already committed adultery with her in his heart.   Matthew 5:28 (NLT)

But even before Jesus said this, Job, who had a wife and daughters, determined the following solution to overcome this problem:

I made a covenant with my eyes not to let them lust after any girl.   Job 31:1 (CJB version)

As you can see this problem is ancient. Note that in that age women were covered from head to toe in tunics which practically covered everything. The way that women dress now-a-days makes it almost impossible not to look. (If any women are reading this – yes, I know there are women spying on our tasks… lol, no worries, you may continue – if possible cooperate and don’t make things worst for poor Christian men… Do your best to dress discreetly. This is just a request.)

“Almost impossible” doesn’t mean impossible. You can train your eyes to look away, like when a ball hits the goal post and bounces back. A goal is almost scored, but the ball bounces off the metal post. In other words, you may notice that you have looked at a woman, but as soon as you realize it, look at something else. It requires a certain amount of practice, but it works.

So, this is your task for this week. Can you do it? For at least a week? Make a pact!

Notebook: Jot down the verses above in your notebook. Also read Genesis chapter 39 in your Bible, and take notes of what you read.

Official Partner: Speak to your partner about this task, man to man. Talk about this problem and how you both have been dealing with it.

Deadline: You may begin this task immediately. Complete it in a week and then start Challenge #17.

Post: After – and only after – you have completed the challenge, post your comments – on the IntelliMenWorld Facebook or Twitter page, (not on your own page) and write the following:

IntelliMen Challenge #16 done: This experience was… (Add your thoughts and conclusions taken from this challenge.)

Links: (when tweeting, use @intelliMenworld)


Verification checklist

I made a pact with my eyes: I will not look at or lust after women
I read Genesis 37 and added my thoughts to my Notebook
I spoke to my partner about the challenge
I posted my comments on Facebook/Twitter


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24 Responses to “IntelliMen Challenge #16”

  1. collen tshekiso 4 years ago

    Indeed its a very tough challenge

  2. lenny qumba 4 years ago

    Difficult challenge pastor

  3. ike moeng 4 years ago

    IntelliMen Challenge #16 done: This experience was great.I have been practicing this for a while and have actually reaped great results from keeping my thoughts pure and rebuking lustful thoughts…its all about discipline and teaches faithfulness.

  4. Intellimen challenge #16 done: in deed this is verry good. May God help me not only now, but for the rest of my days. I made a vow not to looke at a women as a women but as a soul, a mother, a sister etc.

  5. Jonathan P 4 years ago

    I noticed in the Portuguese task it says Genesis 39, but here in English and Spanish it says 37, i just would like to bring it to your attention as it might be a mistake. By the way this task is very helpful.
    Let us know if you have more tips on the subject.
    Thanks for your time.

  6. IntelliMen Challenge #16 done: My experience was not difficult as it was before being baptised with the Holy spirit.I look at a woman as though it is my own sister or mother or daugther of my own because it is very rare to abuse or molest your flesh and blood. If you have a child you will understand.

  7. The time will come where demand will be tough it’s better to discipline myself now so that I can pass the test.

  8. intellimen challange# 16 done;my experience was i see a woman as a sister

  9. Alimamy Kanu 4 years ago

    intellimen challange# 16 done. Well any time I see a woman that looks good I focus my mind on the things of God and this helps.

  10. TyeLovesGodNana 4 years ago

    Challenge#16 done:IT was a great experience because although i am 10 this challenge has helped me overcome future problems.

  11. challenge.16″ done
    this challenge its difficult especial for a a pastor we preach speak and advise a pastor l believe we must look at women as soul thats needs to be saved.we must always fight bad thoughts.

  12. ramakau 4 years ago

    i preach the word of GOD ,i control my thouhts not be control by sins ,beause GOD hate the sins when i seen women think about a soul that i must save.

  13. Name (required) 4 years ago

    Intellimen chalenge 16# done,,
    thanx God because i overcame the bad thougts about women.

  14. Intellimen challenge 16 done# in this challenge i made a pact with my eyes not to lust for woman its all about self control and discipline

  15. Andile. 4 years ago

    We have to learn to control our eyes cause if we do that then we won’t have a difficult time thank you

  16. Guilherme Lucas 3 years ago

    Challenge # 16 Intellimen Comcluido:
    Do not accept being unfaithful is something I carry within me have with God
    This pact

  17. Bongani Dube 3 years ago

    IntelliMen Challenge #16 done: This experience was good but the challenge was very hard, I learnt not to allow my eyes to take me to hell. when I start looking at a women with lust I immediately think of something good.

  18. Nkandu M Honest 3 years ago

    challenge #16 done:Bishop it is absolute difficult for a man not to look at women lustfully in nowadays but as for me even befire we were given this challenge i was practising it never ti look at woman who is not my woman lustfully because this will just brings evil thoughts into my mind,so i have made a pact with my eyes though it is something inevitable but i i wull discipline my eyes,i have read Genesis 39 wgich conerns joseph and potipher’ s wife it was really a test,thank you bishop.

  19. Thembinkosi Madela 3 years ago

    IntelliMen Challenge #16 done: The expirience in this Challenge was very hard but there is one thing I liked about it, it teaches us as men no to allow our eyes to take us to hell, by looking the woman with bad eyes, lust because this will create bad thoughts and it is easy for the man to fall into the trap like David. Its better for me to enter To HEAVEN witho 1 eye than to go to hell with two eyes.

  20. Ricardo(Botswana) 3 years ago

    IntelliMen Challenge #15 done: This challenge was very superior as compared to the others because it teaches faithfulness. I had been doing this for a while since I received the Holy spirit and I found out that it draws me closer to GOD because it is an act of faith. Applying the discipline to my eyes not to lust for women for God’s manifestation in me without seeing Him physically is obedience and reverence to His word.
    As a servant in the temple I know that a person cannot be given the spirit of GOD while there are other spirits dwelling in his body, such as that of lust. I have to be pure in order for me to do GOD’s will better yet even stand before Him with nothing accusing me. That is why I figure why stare at other women when I know I won’t have them???

  21. Mduduzi 3 years ago

    IntelliMen Challenge #16 done: This to me was a important challenge especially because I am married it helped and encouraged me to have my eyes for my wife only.Each time another woman appears and the thought comes, I rebuke it immediately and refuse in my mind to see any other woman attractive than my own beautiful wife.Thanks to Intellimen

  22. Richard 3 years ago

    Challenge#16Done:Is one of the difficulty challenge Bp.But at the same time i can say thank my Lord me God to continue to control my eyes and my lust.Genesis 39vs9 all i learned in this chapter God wants to protect us from the trouble.

  23. Benny Okito 3 years ago

    IntelliMen Challenge #16 done: This experience was good although I may not struggle with Lust. I decided to help a youth that struggles with similar problems and during my week I did a 4am purpose to ensure that this young man is not effected by thoughts in his mind. As lust is a thought and at the end of the day if we occupy our minds with the things of God then we reduce the changes of lusting dramatically.