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Challenge #13

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Challenge: Learn to be more of a gentlemen and less of a caveman.

Explanation: Let’s clarify one thing: men are naturally raw, insensitive and a little harsh. Sensitivity is not their forte. In a way, this is exactly what makes him a man, just like being feminine and delicate makes a woman a woman. But this doesn’t mean that our rough nature can’t be polished and refined so that we become good mannered men  – all the while retaining our masculinity. Don’t worry, we don’t want to turn you into a metro-sexual. (That would get you kicked out of IntelliMen…)

What is chivalry? Basically it is when a man is conscious of others and treats them well, especially (but not exclusively) women. This week I want you to look for ways to practice being a gentleman through small gestures and habits. Here is a list of things a gentleman does:

  • Holds the door open for a woman and lets her go first
  • Opens the car door for his wife and other women
  • Gives up his seat for a woman
  • Never takes inappropriate glances at women (not his woman)
  • Stands when greeting a woman
  • Offers to take any heavy bags or boxes that a woman is carrying
  • Helps women take their seat by pulling out the chair
  • Holds a woman’s umbrella in the rain
  • Say’s “please,” “thank you,” and “excuse me”
  • Doesn’t chew with his mouth open, especially gum
  • Is clean and takes care of his nails, hair, beard, body odor, clothes, breath (keeps breath mints handy) and has regular dentist visits
  • Maintains good posture
  • At the table he allows women to serve themselves first and begins to eat only after the women have begun
  • Closes the toilet seat after use
  • Does not shout and bring attention to himself unless absolutely necessary
  • Never uses a cellphone during a meeting where the speaker expects him to be paying attention. If he absolutely needs to take a call, he always says “excuse me” before answering and tries to be as brief as possible.
  • When walking with a woman on the sidewalk, he always walks on the side closest to the street
  • Never boasts about his newest, top of the line gadget
  • Acts his age. He doesn’t behave immaturely, no matter the time or the place.

I hope you do some of these things already. Go over this list and identify where you need to improve. Feel free to add things not on the list.

Notebook: Copy and paste the list above on how to behave like a gentleman in your notebook, for future reference.

Official Partner: Talk to your partner about what you currently do and what you need to do in order to be more of a gentleman.

Deadline: You may begin working on this task immediately and complete it before beginning Challenge #14. Spend one week on this. Obviously, you should make this task a part of your normal behavior. It will always benefit you.

Post: After – and only after – you have completed the challenge, post your comments – on the IntelliMenWorld Facebook or Twitter page, (not on your own page) and write the following:

 IntelliMen Challenge #13 done: After working on being more of a gentleman… (Add your comments; mention what someone said if they noticed something you did.)

Links: (when tweeting, use @intelliMenworld)


Verification Checklist

I began to behave more like a gentleman and less like a caveman
I copied the list to my Notebook
I spoke to my Partner about the challenge
I posted my comment on Facebook/Twitter



To make a fine gentleman, several trades are required, but chiefly a barber. – Oliver Goldsmith


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21 Responses to “IntelliMen Challenge #13”

  1. Elizabeth 4 years ago

    I am so thankful the Holy Spirit gave you this project idea to help guys to become true men of God, men that will make the difference! These challenges will be a great blessing to those who complete them! God Bless in Jesus name!

  2. sjoshua 4 years ago

    I love this challenge.

  3. Intellimen Challenge #13 done: MY Experience of being a gentleman was so good that even few people commented good about the way I behaved this week.

  4. ike moeng 4 years ago

    IntelliMen Challenge #13 done: My experience of being a gentleman was the extra recognition and complements like “wow, thank you”…….. ”If only you could all be that way” …e.t.c. like it is something that is not expected from an average man in this present age. It is also interesting to see how that simple alteration in character makes people around us at the moment happy.

  5. Challenge 13# done. This week and month was not easy for me, but thanks God I made eat fighting to be a gentlemen.

  6. Alimamy Kanu 4 years ago

    Challenge 13# done. Its not easy but I’m going in strong and I’m coming out strong, on to the next one.

  7. intellimen 13″ done what i understand with this challenge is that most men are not gentlemen so to be a gentlemen a man must be able to sacrifice his pride.and do things that will bring him some respect.from now on l will start practising to be a good gentlimen

  8. Intellimen 13:
    Reflecting back I have realised that starring at a home is what I avoid at all cost. I just need to use words such as ‘excuse me’ or thank you where necessary. I have to offer a sit in any transport system for any lady. I have to work on the rest of the list mentioned above…

  9. Andile maAndzoo Luvuno 4 years ago

    Loving this challenge

  10. Fernandes 3 years ago

    Thanks for this task Bishop.

  11. Jorge santos 3 years ago

    IntelliMen Desafío # 13 hace: Sempre temos que melhorar, obrigado por este Desafio.

  12. Guilherme Lucas 3 years ago

    I learned to value ​​people and always have a smile for everyone.

  13. Bongani Dube 3 years ago

    IntelliMen Challenge #13 done: My experience of being a gentleman was very good, I feel good around people and people say I must keep on doing this because people they even feel comfortable just being around me and now i know what is to be a gentlemen and to continue being a gentlemen

  14. Richard 3 years ago

    IntelliMen challenge # 13 done. After working on being more of a gentleman.I did helped a woman that she was carring a carrier bags.Than she looks at me amazed.Not knowing we still have people that a gentle among us.I thanks God for this challenge because I need to remember how i have been raised up by my parents. As years passed by it seems we forget the true life. We used to greet elder, irrespective i know a person or not.I wished to thank you Bp Renato for reminding me the way i should live.All i can say we need to appreciate each other all the time.

  15. The challenge is good because to be a gentlemen comes with a price and to be a gentleman people respects you and give you value

  16. Moses Fortes 3 years ago

    IntelliMen Challenge #13 done: After working on being a gentlemen, I noticed my view completely changed. I started doing more, for women, and especially for those around me. Simple things like doing little favors, holding the fire open, picking something up that was dropped,etc… All make a difference in being known as a gentleman of God. Thank you God for inspiring Bishop Renato daily..

  17. Benny Okito 3 years ago

    IntelliMen Challenge #13 done: After working on being more of a gentleman. I have taken the necessary steps needed to take to ensure I behave more like a gentleman although I already did do some of these things mentioned I started to do more things for instance wherever I go I carry deodorant and try also to carry mints.

  18. challenge #13 done. I have developed more mature especially in my behavior.

  19. mhlangabezi 3 years ago

    Intellimen challenge #13 done!!….after working on being a gentlemen,,I starting feeling like I have been missing a whole lot of things about life Andy about being myself.this challenge has been the most funniest so far because

  20. intellimen challenge 13done,small things like this earns us alot of credit look please have asit to alady,makes people ask alot of question about you,i was like wow because those i did to was like what an attitude, this great to me and i wanana say thanks to Bishp.