This is one of our favorite excuses. “If I had the time,” I would do this or that.

You say you have so “little time,” but have you noticed how you still find the time to eat, sleep and drink every day? Do you know why? Clearly because if you don’t do these things your body will eventually get sick and die. In other words, they are vital.

Therefore, you will only find the time to do something according to how important it is to you.

If your marriage was of such importance, you would find the time to invest in it, make the necessary changes and repairs to make it better.

If your health and family were more important to you than the fake sense of pleasure from smoking, drinking, or any other addiction, you would find the time and strength to go to the doctor, go through a treatment, exercise everyday and stop everything that harms your body and mind.

So the problem is not time, it’s the level of importance that you give to what you have to do.


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8 Responses to “If I had the time”

  1. chanelle Mckenzie 5 years ago

    I agree Bishop, when i had some time off work i notice that i found myself not doing much but the other day i though to myself i should take this opportunity to invest in my home and health by going to my doctors for a health check and finding out all the profitable things i can do with my time before i go back to work. I than realize that ever time we have to ourselves is precious and we should use it wisely.

  2. Sandra Ulume 5 years ago

    “So the problem is not time, it’s the level of importance that you give to what you have to do.”

    This particular statement above has indeed answered various questions in my life schedule. Now I will look at things differently.

  3. felene Gad-hongkong 5 years ago

    This is absolutely true,we say we need a change but we also say i don’t have enough time to make the necessary changes.We say we want to be financially stable but we don’t do the necessary works to achieve it,we have more time sleeping,more time internet surfing and yet we say we want a change..Time is gold!make use of it wisely…

  4. patience 5 years ago

    Thank you Bishop, it true time is not a problem the biggest problem is when a person always has some reason and excuses then she/he will never do what she/he suppose to do. It is easy to make an effort for things that will never take us anywhere, than the one will help and will make a different in life time. And He said to them, ’’It is not for you to know times or seasons which the Father has put in His own authority.’’

  5. mylene - simeon -uckg 5 years ago

    truely there’s a time for everything but there are times that we have to do something unplanned its not because we dont include it on our schedule but because we just have to do it. we have to do first what is important; because things to be done immediately cant wait till we
    got time for it. its like saving a life.

  6. Yes bishop, a person must have this quistion in mind everyday “How important is this to me of what i have to do?” then the person will also find the time to do the things he needs to do.

  7. Lety G. 5 years ago

    That is very true. We only have time for important things, like Bp. mentioned, eat,drink, sleep…but in reality it’s because it’s a necessity. There are things that are automatic therefore we do not think, we just do it. That was one of my favorite phrases…”If I only had time” but i have learned that instead of asking my self this, i just have to act and find the time to do it.

  8. Thank you bishop. Now I know why I failed to meet deadlines in 2012. This msg is a revelation