What is the Fast of Daniel?

The Fast of Daniel is based on the fast described in the Daniel chapter 10, in the Bible. During 21 days, Daniel decided to fast in order to find favor, wisdom, and understanding from God.

Now-a-days, among the list of things which get in the way of our relationship with God, distractions are more than present–and they come in all forms of entertainment and secular information which bombard us constantly. The Lord Jesus would say “He who has ears to hear, let him hear!” (Matthew 13:9) The purpose of the Fast of Daniel is exactly this: to open our ears to the voice of God.


The purpose of daily tasks

I want to invite you to start a purpose with me during this fast. It will help you get the most out of these 21 days for the benefit of every area of your life.

Every day I will post five tasks here, they will touch the five areas of your life: spirituality, health, relationships, finances, and personal growth. (These are the same tasks that are in the Portuguese blog.)

Why take part in this purpose?

Just as fasting is not simply to stop eating, the Fast of Daniel is not simply for you to stop absorbing secular information or entertainment. The fast requires abstinence but also requires attitudes which will help you reach your objectives.

The objective of the Fast of Daniel is to strengthen your life in general.


How to participate?

Click on the links below to see the tasks up to today. They will be posted here daily. They will be in a PDF format, so you can download them to your computer or print them out and take them wherever you go. Make sure to always read the daily instructions before you begin.

A friend

What about inviting a friend (or several) to participate in this purpose with you? Then you can motivate each other so that you complete the tasks.


Take a couple of minutes to leave a couple of lines and tell us all about your experience doing the daily tasks. This will help you reflect on what you learned and will help other participants when they read your victories and challenges in completing the tasks. So comment! Feel free to give ideas and motivate others as well.


If you’re in, go ahead and click on the link below, start the first task and take the bull by the horns!


1. Fast of Daniel: day one
2. Fast of Daniel: day two
3. Fast of Daniel: day three
4. Fast of Daniel: day four
5. Fast of Daniel: day five
6. Fast of Daniel: day six
7. Fast of Daniel: day seven
8. Fast of Daniel: day eight
9. Fast of Daniel : day nine
10. Fast of Daniel: day ten
11. Fast of Daniel: day eleven
12. Fast of Daniel: day twelve
13. Fast of Daniel: day thirteen
14. Fast of Daniel: day fourteen
15. Fast of Daniel: day fifteen
16. Fast of Daniel: day sixteen
17. Fast of Daniel: day seventeen
18. Fast of Daniel: day eighteen
19. Fast of Daniel: day nineteen
20. Fast of Daniel: day twenty
22. Fast of Daniel: day twenty-one



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73 Responses to “Fast of Daniel”

  1. Cyrena Mullings 4 years ago

    Hi Bp,

    Thank you for all the task they helped a great deal i must admit the exercise did not go down well with me but i did walk more and get off a extra stop, so now i will go back and exercise and put my all into it. The task really helped me to search myself properly so i can an will continue to make changes and improve.

    • Jonathan 4 years ago

      Fast Daniel Day 1 done:Though I was up and down but I made sure that I worked on all my five areas of my life,Spiritual,Health,Relationship,Financial and Personal growth.Just from the beginning I can see already that by finishing all the tasks my life in all the five areas will be at a higher level.
      Thank you Bp.

  2. Hi Bishop,
    I’m from Philippines but now I work here in Hongkong.During the 21 days I participated in the daily task & I really learned so much especially in my spiritual growth.I realized that asking forgiveness from God is not enough I also have to do my part…Now I’m happy because i have the assurance from the Lord Jesus.I become more strong &more dedicated to Him…
    Thank you Bishop

  3. Challenge# 38 done, this fast of Daniel I will put all my strength do Chang

  4. Millicent 4 years ago

    Hello Bishop, Thank you for the tasks, I would really like to do the tasks but cannot access the dropbox.com links, is there any other link you can use? thank you.

  5. DAY 3 fast of Daniel I feel light inside me more to come within these 21 days of fast.

  6. Day three in me am so light, more to come during these 21 days of fast

  7. Elton Mathanda 4 years ago

    Day 4 of the fast of Daniel: Was meditating on John 4 the whole chapter. Here Jesus was showing how important our work/ mission to win souls for our God is,the disciples came to him with food but Jesus did not eat the food saying that His food was to do the will of the one who sent him, he was putting aside his earthly needs for the heavenly to be priority. The 21 days of Daniel is about the same thing to set aside our desires for a relationship with our Lord.

  8. sivuyile ngaba 4 years ago

    It’s incredible to partake in this movement (spiritual attachment to God)

  9. andrewbogere 4 years ago

    i will the challenge that i choose on each day

  10. Vusumzi 4 years ago

    Thanks Bp, it helps a lot

  11. samukeliso ndlovu 4 years ago

    21 days of Daniel indeed. These tasks really completed my life. Thank God for that as I already changed the direction for my life.Will never be the same again

  12. day1 today I managed to do everything in 4 areas of my life it was amazing I hope to see good results at the end of this fast.

  13. Maria tavares 4 years ago

    #GODLLYWOODCHALLENGE 17. (2nd week of 21 days). It certainly has been a blessing doing these tasks, it has helped me to realise a lot of things in all aspect of my life; it has helped me to be closer to God, to my friends, to my Family, to have a vision and determination to go ahead with my plans, to understand that order and discipline are part of the character of those who are of God. and I must say that each day I couldn’t wait for the new task to start doing them.

  14. Sivuyisiwe 3 years ago

    Thank you Bishop, i thank God for this. It will bring a change

  15. Hello I have tried to open the PDF for days 4,5 & 7 but they are not opening. Could you fix them please all the rest are fine. Preparing for the fast of Daniel.
    Many thanks

    • moderator 3 years ago

      Please try again, the links ar working now. Thanks.

  16. Good day Bishop I saw the intellimen challenge beginning 29-01-2015 and i was saving the daily tasks, for me to be able follow but i was unable to get day4, day5, and day7 the dropbox is said to be no longer available. Any assistance will be appreciated.

    • moderator 3 years ago

      Kurai, please try again. It should be working now. Thank you.

  17. Jacob Phutitsareng 3 years ago

    Am in already in,this is the time that God will reveal Himself to us even if we had the problem to solve It will be solved in this 21 days.

  18. Marea Nare 3 years ago

    The tasks made me to think and not just think but take actions,they made me aware of how much effort i need to invest in my self and stop monitoring my husband s mistakes and weaknesses.
    i did not excise,i ate whatever i can afford,water i would only drink if i am thirsty,i have hard time with spelling and excel,i misuse money and time,never rest in short the tasks were ment for me.

    Thank you so much now i know what to do.