On the sixth day, God created man in His own likeness and image. (…) And man became tired of obeying God.

So, man created a God for himself, one which wouldn’t bother him.




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3 Responses to “Creating God”

  1. Gugulethu Makhanyag 5 years ago

    That is an unfortunate truth,men always seek to do their own will, their own thing that is more relaxed and acceptable to the flesh and decide to create their own God in accordance to their will rather than the ‘hard’will of God.

    This more often than not leads to death because at the end of the day,God’s will is never to harm us but protect and lead us to Him (salvation).

    Thank you for the message Bp.

  2. Tatiane Gomes 5 years ago

    Unfortunately many people have created their own god, they no longer do the will of God, to please themselves, and so they become the new god in their lives ..

    Thank you!

  3. Thanks bishop for the message, it is so vissible how many people live their lifes without God, how they got tired of God.