Successful people do this

  Successful people have habits that are quite different from most people. One of them is to be cautious about what comes into their mind.  Watch the video above (1 min).   Also read:   Sign up for this blog and be advised of new posts…


Those successful people

  Those successful, accomplished and wealthy people you know don’t necessarily have more qualities or talents than you, but they all have something in common: they dared to believe. They didn’t dwell in the shadows of hesitation. They didn’t ask why or how; they didn’t come up with excuses. They just went ahead, head first. […]


Do you want to change? Beware of distractions!

  When you decide to make a change in your life, you have to be focused. Take your eyes off your goal and your strength will dwindle. Beware of distractions. Usually, people who say “I can’t do it” suffer because of a lack of focus, rather than a lack of ability.   Also read:   Sign […]


Every human being has a god* complex

  Every human being has a god* complex. Some more than others, but we all like the idea of: – doing whatever we want and not being held accountable for anything – bending principles and values ​​for our own benefit; magically escaping the consequences of our own attitudes – thinking that we are knowledgeable about […]


Love and choice

To love is a choice, a decision that does not depend on external pressure. I can’t love someone if I don’t have a choice. To love is to be able to choose any other person I want and yet decide to be with only one; it’s to be free to do whatever I want and […]


Heading confidently in the wrong direction

  TWO FRIENDS of mine told me of their painful experience in their first GPS-guided trip some years ago. The GPS was a novelty at the time. They enthusiastically entered the name of the desired city and off they went following the instructions and enjoying the view. After about FOUR hours on the road and […]


Suggestions for the Fast of Daniel

  We live in a reality where we’re constantly bombarded by various voices, at times, simultaneously. Artists, characters, family, friends, strangers etc. Everyone always has something to tell us or a thought to share. The problem is that most of these words and opinions don’t meet our needs nor do they lead us in the […]


The generator of false beliefs

  Anger is the root of false beliefs. When a person is controlled by an anger, with time it becomes hatred. And this hatred develops beliefs to support and justify itself. If I get angry with so-and-so and let myself be consumed by it, I will end up hating so-and-so. And my hatred will begin […]


NEVER base your life on a popular saying

  “A mother’s love is the only true love.” IS THAT REALLY TRUE? Then, try saying this to children who’ve been abandoned and are now living on the streets, to daughters who have been sold into prostitution, or to children who suffer abuse with their mothers’ consent. No, I don’t mean to pick on mothers […]


I’m not happy with myself

  When you’re not happy with yourself, there’s an anguish that constantly blames everything that’s wrong in the world for your unhappiness. It’s people who don’t understand you. It’s things that are not as they should be. It’s injustice that makes you angry… Too many wrong things! A feeling of helplessness takes over; sheer anguish. […]