EXCLUSIVE interview: Cake Boss & wife Lisa Valastro

  Renato & Cris Cardoso caught up with world famous Cake Boss Buddy Valastro and his wife Lisa. The couple talked about how they met, life before fame, the rise to success, marriage, family and the secret to Buddy’s success. During the interview, Renato & Cris gave gifted the couple a copy of their bestselling […]


How many hours do you really spend with them?

  One of the worst victims of the busy life we live today is the family. Let’s consider how most people spend their time every week. All of us have 168 hours every seven days, of which we spend in average: 56 hours sleeping 40 hours working 14 hours eating 14 hours using the Internet […]


Parents: Don’t argue with your children

Recently, a mother in trouble contacted us with the following complaint: “My six year-old daughter is very rebellious. When I tell her to do something, no matter how simple the task is, or when she asks me for something and I don’t give it to her, she makes a scene — she yells, cries, she says that […]