Before you start reading the Thoughts, understand how the 40-day challenge works. Read more about it here and  follow the instructions. Then, and only then, return to this page and start reading from Thought # 1.

Welcome to the 40 Thoughts! Your mind will never be the same. And you already know what happens when we change our mind: we change our life. So before you start, make sure that this is what you want .


The 40 Thoughts of Jesus

Thought #1  Your purpose in life
Thought #2 — Preparation and greatness
Thought #3 — Rejecting the medicine
Thought #4 — Closed for new ideas
Thought #5 — Acquaintance and limiters
Thought #6 — It’s not what, it’s Who
Thought # 7  Your four strengths
Thought #8 — The job of thinking
Thought #9 — Do you want better days?
Thought #10 — You, murderer
Thought #11 — How to conduct your relationships
Thought #12 — Alone or in a team?
Thought #13 — Do you qualify to be a judge?
Thought #14 — A new blood in your veins
Thought #15  Would you pass this test?
Thought #16 — The working hours of faith
Thought #17 — The golden rule
Thought #18 — Sewage coming out of the faucet
Thought #19 — Did you see Superman in a miniskirt?
Thought #20 — The model Family
Thought #21 — A hard blow
Thought #22  The upside down world
Thought #23 — This is the time, here is the place
Thought #24 — The address of God
Thought #25 — The two legs
Thought #26 — Be suspicious of those who swear
Thought #27 — The secret to being honored in public
Thought #28 — Only for those who want to be rich
Thought #29  The poor Bill Gates
Thought #30 — He hates losing
Thought #31 — The cake box
Thought #32  Is it a ghost?
Thought #33 — Sissifying the Lord of Hosts
Thought #34 — It will be required of you
Thought #35 — Anticipating, defining, solving
Thought #36 — Self-righteousness syndrome
Thought #37 — The greatest victory
Thought #38 — Healthy body, healthy mind, lifeless life
Thought #39 — What is that up ahead?
Thought #40 — Shine!
40 Thoughts — Conclusion

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4 Responses to “40 Thoughts of Jesus”

  1. Grace motaung 3 years ago

    My purpose in life it is to please God with my life and my ways

  2. Mbakiso 3 years ago

    God has indeed blessed my life.The 40 thoughts of Jesus have helped me to be close to God as sometimes we listen more to our thoughts and think it is God’s thoughts whereas it is not hence this fast of Jesus l have full assurance that God is working in my life and l do not need to feel goosebumps or happy to believe that in short my faith does not depend on emotions but rather the assurance l have that the Thoughts of Jesus have revived my faith and as l meditated on them l was drinking from him as He said “I am the living waters whoever drinks from me shall never thirst again”

  3. Team work brings success.That’s why a chain of prayer is able to erase a problem that has been stubborn for ages.

  4. Noxolo Noxolo 3 years ago

    My greatest purpose in life is to do God ‘s will with all my life.