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When a letter fills your heart with joy

  • When a letter fills your heart with joy



    I received the letter below from Maggie. She lives in England and I don’t know her. She received a copy of the “Bulletproof Marriage” book as a gift from one of our students who is spreading intelligent love:


    My name is Maggie, my husband’s name is Colin.

    We have on being married 6 1/2 years (friends for 24 years), only together as partners 8 1/2 years.

    The last three years have been very difficult from my side. I have tried and tried to put our marriage back on track. July 17th this year I have found out that my husband and his son had been to our solicitors. I asked my husband what was going on to be told he wanted a divorce and didn’t love me anymore.

    My world fell apart. I became ill. Stressed.

    On 11th September 2017, a sweet, shy girl joined our office, Maria is her name.

    On one of my lowest days, I walked out of the office for a break. When I returned (…) on my desk was a book called “Bulletproof Marriage”. On the first page was written: “To Maggie, from Maria”. I was so touched I hugged Maria. (17/10/17)

    I took the book home. The following day I was going away to Portugal with my daughters and (their) husbands. I came back home 29/10/17.

    I was off again the following weekend. Coming back after being away, my husband asked me to see if we could try and mend our marriage.

    I was again in shock. He saw the book on my bed (we sleep in separate rooms), he asked if he could read the book he is half-way through it and tells me ‘there is someone in the book I know’, I said ‘Who’, he said ‘it’s me’.

    We are full of hope both of us.

    The kind gesture from Maria restores my faith in humanity.

    What a lovely, lovely girl.

    It reminds (me) of one of my favourite words:

    “Life isn’t about how to cope in a storm, but how to dance in the rain.”

    Thank you, dear Maria


    For more Marias in this world!


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