One story, three lessons

  A little bird is flying south in the winter when his wings freeze. He falls through a gap in the roof of a barn and lands frozen next to a cow. The cow feels sorry for the poor bird and drops some dung on him to keep him warm. It works, and he starts […]

IntelliMen 2.0 – Challenge #1

Men. Intelligent. ™ © 2016 Challenge #1   IMPORTANT: This is IntelliMen 2.0. If you want to join the Project and get the best results, begin with the 53 Challenges.   Challenge: Identify and overcome the resistance that is impeding you from doing what you need to do. Explanation: What is it that you know […]


The ‘love at first sight’ myth

  A recent study from The University of Chicago confirms what The Love School has been teaching for quite a while: There is no such thing as love at first sight. Sorry, romantic ones, but it’s difficult to rebut Science. Specialists concluded that what may happen at first sight is mere sexual attraction, a desire stimulated by […]