How the news work (2)

  Apart from asking who is behind the news, we must understand a universal law about it: it is, above all, a business like any other. Companies behind the news—agencies, radio and TV stations, newspapers, news sites, etc.—need to pay the salaries of its staff, the utilities of its buildings, equipment, technology, and other expenditures […]


How the news work (1)

  You who like reading, listening or watching the news should know a few things about the inner workings of a newsroom. If you really think it’s essential to watch the news, then at least you should be a conscious viewer. So let’s look at a few points: Who is delivering the news to you? […]


How many hours do you really spend with them?

  One of the worst victims of the busy life we live today is the family. Let’s consider how most people spend their time every week. All of us have 168 hours every seven days, of which we spend in average: 56 hours sleeping 40 hours working 14 hours eating 14 hours using the Internet […]


3 ESSENTIAL questions about the Holy Spirit

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Detach yourself!

  Albert Einstein is credited with the following prediction: “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” Albert, it looks like we’ve already reached that point:   Our information consumption habits are destroying our sociability, productivity, power of attention and creativity. That is, we […]


How to fight and end up in kissing

  If we presented you with some options concerning what you would like to happen after a fight between you and your partner, which one would you choose? a) Nothing was resolved b) Hearts broken and torn to pieces c) Both of you upset and silent d) Issue resolved and love kisses Certainly, all would go […]