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The love life blunders of the wise king Solomon

  • The love life blunders of the wise king Solomon

    Meditating this morning about Solomon and his love life fiascoes, I asked myself:

    Why was he so wise, so wealthy, such an expert administrator of the nation, but extremely dumb in his choices concerning love (which were the cause of his ruin)? Plus, when he asked God for wisdom to govern the people, God was so pleased that He added him unprecedented wealth and honor — but He did not add the love life blessing. Why?

    Here is what was revealed to me:

    1st answer: Solomon did not choose his wife according to the instructions of God, but according to his personal interests and likes, instead. Insecure in his new position as king, he wanted to make a treaty with Egypt by marrying the Pharaoh’s daughter in order to strengthen his kingdom. Later on, he remained in the mistake, making a treaty with five other nations by marrying foreign women. One thousand of them! Lesson: conduct your love life your own way, according to your likes, personal interests and insecurity and you will commit stupidities that will make even a donkey feel ashamed — Even being wise on other things.

    2nd answer: God did not add the love blessing because this one would come as fruit of obedience and not from grace. By marrying foreign women, Solomon disobeyed God’s direct orders (read Exodus 23.32; Deuteronomy 7:3-4). There are blessings that are the fruit of God’s grace to us, but there are others which are fruit of our obedience. A good marriage is one of them. Lesson: marriage is much more than a romantic choice; it is an obedient one.

    The mistakes of Solomon are in the Bible for our benefit. What is the point of you having money, a house, success, etc. and fail in love? Your failure in regards to love life may result in your spiritual and financial failure. Don’t believe so? Ask Solomon. Prioritize your marriage (current or future) above all things but below God. Go to the altar for it, before anything else.


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