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Thought #5 — Acquaintance and limiters

  • Thought #5 — Acquaintance and limiters

    Part of the “40 Thoughts of Jesus” series – know more about it.

    I assure you: No prophet is accepted in his hometown. — Luke 4.24

    The only place where Jesus could not perform many miracles was Nazareth, His hometown. Not even His brothers believed in Him. People were saying, “Isn’t He the carpenter’s son?”

    Acquaintance creates unbelief. That is why people who are close to us may become our greatest limiters.

    This Thought of Jesus shows that not even God can avoid people from having this kind of behavior. They are the ones who chose to believe or not believe, have good or evil eyes, to believe or doubt the neighbor, to cheer a loved one up or bring him down. For that reason, what did Jesus decide to do? He left Nazareth and went for those who believed in Him. God did the same to Abraham when He told him to leave his father’s house.

    When those who are close to you do not believe in you, it is emotionally something very hard to take in. However, you can either be like them and start to doubt yourself or you can ignore them and move on with your convictions. Someone will believe in you, even if the second person who believes in you is yourself. Obviously, the first person who believes in you is God Himself. When you understand that, from the third believer in you on is just a plus.

    Putting it into practice: Accept the belief that God has placed in you and don’t disagree with Him in that regard. Decide to disagree with those who doubt you, not with God.

    Is there anyone who has been a limiter in your life? Is he or she a friend you can let go of? An environment you can avoid? And if you can’t, then how could you limit this limiter, that is, stop him (or her) from being an influence to you and bringing you down? Who could you cheer up today?


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