Translators Portuguese > English

  I’m looking for volunteers to translate posts from my Portuguese blog for publication on this English one. Would you qualify? You write prolifically in both languages ​​and love doing it. In fact, translation doesn’t feel like a job for you, it’s a pleasure. You are detail oriented, strive to seek the best rendering of […]


Do you know the meaning of the word intelligence?

  The word “intelligence” is derived from two words in Latin: inter and legere. “Inter” means “between” and the meaning of “legere” is “choose.” So an intelligent person is someone who learned how to “choose between.” They know that good is better than bad, that confidence must rule over fear, that love is superior to […]


In search of the right person

There are so many myths and lies in the world of relationships that it’s no wonder people have suffered so much in this area. One of these myths is the idea of the “right person.” “Why are you still single?” “I haven’t found the right person yet.” Ring a bell? The idea that there is […]


The law of action and reaction

  Those who consciously commit injustice today are sowing tears they will cry when they reap injustice tomorrow. This is the universal law of life. What goes around, comes around. What you do to others will come back to you. Observe this law in action around you. There’s no judge, court, or police force to […]


He wants to please everyone

  I’ve been married for 5 months. About two weeks ago my husband received a message on his cellphone which I looked at. A message which read: “Did you stop talking because your wife was nearby? Does your wife suspect anything? I went into a state of shock after reading this. I looked at him […]

Adidas and the Brazilian woman

On the eve of International Women’s Day Adidas, the German company and official sponsor of the FIFA World Cup, issued an insult of epic proportions towards Brazilian women. In the eyes of a marketing campaign launched by the brand of three stripes in the US, the Brazilian woman is nothing more than a sexual object. […]

Book signing in South Africa

Our book has reached the Bestsellers’ List in South Africa! Cristiane and I will be signing books this Thursday 6pm at Exclusive Books. You’re invited!


International Men’s Day

  Why don’t we have an International Day (nor national, state, municipal, or even a neighborhood thing between friends…) for men? Unless you’ve been living in outer space for the past 50 years and just landed on planet earth, you’ll know that we are in the age of women. After thousands of years of being […]


A lie travels by jet

  A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes. — Chales Spurgeon Gossip, libel, slander, and lies are all in the same family. They’re so hazardous that when God defined the Ten Commandments, He decided to include one that would deal directly with all of them: […]


5 lessons to grow intelligently

Do not remove the ancient landmarks which your fathers have set. Proverbs 22:28 There are so many lessons in this short, hardly known verse. Lessons you can apply in your life, family, work and business affairs. Let’s learn some. Things are where they are because someone placed them there. Someone was here before us. They […]