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The only two places where EVERYONE believes in God

  • The only two places where EVERYONE believes in God


    The two places where everyone believes in God are heaven and hell. Only earth has doubters. There is a reason for this.

    The opposite of hot is cold, of light is darkness, but the opposite of faith is not the absence of faith. It’s doubt.

    Paul, an avid persecutor of Christians who turned into a preacher of faith in Jesus, said:

    If the Gospel we preach is hidden, it’s only hidden from those who are lost. They can’t believe, because the god of this world blinded their mind, conserving it in darkness. He doesn’t let them see the light which shines upon them, the light which comes from the good news of the brilliant success of Christ, who shows us who God is.

    This means there is an opposing reaction to the development of faith in God in this world. This action isn’t worried about extinguishing faith from people, but simply planting doubt in their minds. Notice that this planting happens in people’s minds because faith in God comes from the mind, from intelligence, and not from your heart, (your feelings.)

    Everything that this opposite force does is create doubts in your mind, among the list:

    • Does God really exist?
If He exists, why is there so much suffering in the world?
    • What if the Bible is just a bunch of stories to brainwash and control people?
    • Science already explained the origin of life. Aren’t we all just descendants of the ape, a mere accident?

    And so it goes. What’s interesting is that these doubts make people feel superior, more intelligent than those who believe in God, for simply questioning things. And truly, it is intelligent to question. But it’s not intelligent to stop questioning.

    The really intelligent sincerely-seek the answers to these questions and doubts, they hear both sides, they test the theses, and only then do they draw their own conclusions. God is not afraid of questions. After all, He was the one who gave us the ability to question.

    But what this act of evil does to the unbelieving is simply plant doubt, and once it’s established, it keeps them from continuing to seek the truth.
    Have you truly tried to understand, “the light which comes from the good news of the brilliant success of Christ, who shows us who is God?”

    There’s a light which shines upon us once we understand the Gospel (which means “good news.”) If you still haven’t looked to understand what the Gospel offers, your mind continues in the darkness of doubt and ignorance. For an intelligent person, this is not an option.

    Don’t wait to get to the time and place where neither faith nor questions will be necessary because the existence of God will be as obvious as your own. But it will be too late.


    P.S The Gospel of John, in the Bible, was written to present to the world the good news in regards to the brilliant success of the Lord Jesus. If you’re a light seeker, it’s an excellent source of reflection. What about taking 20 minutes a day, for the next 21 days, to embark upon this quest for knowledge? Learn how to take part in the John Challenge.


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