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John 20: Our Big Brother

  • John 20: Our Big Brother

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    The first person to see the Lord Jesus after He resurrected was Mary of Magdalene, a “sinner” and ex-prostitute, who had been freed from seven demons. It wasn’t Peter, nor John, nor Mary the mother of Jesus. It’s the sinners, the rejected, and despised that usually surrender to God first, and that’s why they are usually the first to see Him in their lives. They have nothing to lose. They know they need Him. Even in His resurrection Jesus leaves His mission very clear: “ I came for the sick, the healthy don’t need a doctor.”

    Those who think they’re good enough, and trust in their own capability, don’t seek help nor will they see God.

    To me, the verse which calls my attention most in this chapter is number 17. Read it attently. After revealing Himself to Mary of Magdalene, Jesus said:

    “Do not cling to Me, for I have not yet ascended to My Father; but go to My brethren and say to them, ‘I am ascending to My Father and your Father, and to My God and your God.”

    Did you perceive what the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus did to the disciples?

    They started as simple apprentices of the Lord, nothing more than servants. After three years with Him, the Lord told them, “No longer do I call you servants, but I call you friends.” Now the Lord gives them the biggest promotion of all: to become His brothers as well as children of His Father! Up to now Jesus has never referred to them in this way.

    Also note that these are the first words the Lord Jesus said after coming back from the dead. He declares this as a champion after just winning the greatest battle of His career and announces His victory to the world! The greatest victory of the Lord Jesus was this: He conquered, for those who believe in Him, the right to be called brothers and children of the Most High. Jesus is our older brother! And His Father is our Father!

    Lol… You can laugh now! You can dance if you want! You can thank your Brother and Father!

    Later on, that same Sunday, Jesus appeared to His disciples who were hiding out, scared stiff because of the Jews. Would they be the next to be imprisoned and killed? How would they escape from Jerusalem without being seen? Imagine what went through their heads. That’s why the Lord greeted them saying: “Peace be with you.” He says these words to us too, when we are taken by fear, in the midst of our problems.

    Thomas wasn’t even there, when he heard what the disciples said, he didn’t want to believe. Only eight days later was he able to meet Jesus after resurrecting. It’s aggravating how people’s disbelief delay them!

    Happy are those who didn’t see, but believed. Great blessings are reserved for those who believe but don’t need to see anything.

    Dear friends who have been following the John Purpose: do you believe in Him? Do you perceive His Spirit near you as you read this? So be filled with the joy of God right there, no matter who you are or where you are, no matter your past! It was for you that He overcame everything, to the death, so that you could overcome as He. If you haven’t surrendered yourself to Him, do it now giving all that you are, body, soul and spirit. Do you still doubt if He’s trustworthy? That He only wants what’s good for you?

    Tomorrow is the last day of our meditation. All of you who have been following these posts but still haven’t commented, you could at least leave a small comment today…

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