Alone just doesn’t work!

  Someone made a comment after yesterday’s post which called my attention: “I try to do what you say in the book and in the programs, but when you’re the only one fighting and the other person doesn’t lift a finger, it’s hard!” So you just give up because it’s hard? Okay. One thing’s for […]


My husband doesn’t want to read Bullet-Proof Marriage

Good morning Renato and Cristiane! I would like to know how to deal with something in regards to my husband. I love your TV show. I’ve read the books “Bullet-proof Marriage” and “The V-Woman,” but I just haven’t been able to get my husband to read it with me or watch the programs out of […]


The secret to changing your life

  A persons life only changes when they change their thoughts. Everything you do and everything you have been, up to now, is a result of the thoughts you’ve had. Your decisions are influenced by your thoughts, and your reactions are guided by them. So basically, if you want a better life, you have to […]

IntelliMen Challenge #44

  Men. Intelligent. ™ © 2013   Challenge #44 Don’t start before completing Challenge #43. If you want to join the IntelliMen Project, start from Challenge #1.   Challenge: Go over challenges 27-43; get caught up with the project, and complete this week’s reading. Explanation: Another moment for reflection has come. We are only eight challenges away from the […]


They weren’t friends on Facebook

  He couldn’t walk. He had been paralyzed for a long time, all he could do was drag himself, sit or lie down. For any other form of mobility he depended on others to carry him. But who had the time for that? Who cared? Four friends, yes, four men cared. And one fine day, […]


Irresistible or not?

  You have most likely been to a lunch, a party, or another commemorative event where fantastically delicious food and drinks were served — in an abundant quantity. Where you could eat as much as you like. Your pants probably got a bit tighter than when you came in.  Now imagine this kind of luxury […]


A tip on how to attract the person you love

  Every day we receive desperate requests asking for help on how to get the love and attention of their partner back. It’s usually women asking for help, but sometimes even men. The stories are quite similar. The relationship has been turbulent, many mistakes have been made by both parties, but one has hardened their […]


Who’s greater you or your bank account?

  Seriously, think about it. Whether your bank balance is in the millions or in the negatives, between the two of you who is greatest? You know what the answer should be. That you’re greater. Which would be the correct answer, at least in theory. But, in reality, it’s not so simple. I would say […]

IntelliMen Challenge #43

  Men. Intelligent. ™ © 2013   Challenge #43 Don’t start before completing Challenge #42. If you want to join the IntelliMen Project, start from Challenge #1.   Challenge: Show generosity by making three generous gestures this week. Explanation: Who is more generous men or women? By an overwhelming majority, without a doubt, it’s women. When you see […]


Vision and focus

  An architect has a vision of every construction site. An electrical engineer simply focuses on the electrical needs of that building. A doctor has a vision of the whole surgery. An anesthetist focuses on the patient not feeling pain. A film director sees the whole film in his mind. A stunt double just worries […]