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John 2: He was talking about your body

  • John 2: He was talking about your body


    One of the main events in John chapter 2 is the attitude the Lord Jesus took when he saw how the religious people were treating God’s Temple. The appointed meeting place between people and God turned into a shopping center of faith. There were sacrificial animals for sale, currency exchange tables… In short, it was a total mess.

    Angry as ever, as the fire of respect for His father’s house burned inside of Him, Jesus kicked the exploiters out. When asked what gave Him the right to do that, He purposely spoke in code: “Knock down this Temple, and I will rebuild it in three days.” He referred to His own body, prophesying what would happen to Him through His death and resurrection in three days.

    What’s interesting here is how he associates the Temple with His body, the same thing that the apostle Paul did in respect to his body:

     Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own? 1 Corinthians 6:19

    In Jesus’ time the Temple had been built by Herod, an unbelieving villain who built it for political reasons. The Pharisees and religious leaders made him the fountain of their power and wealth. The spirituality originally practiced in the first Temple, built by Solomon, was there no more. Just the same, Jesus showed great zeal and respect for that Temple.

    If He worried about a stone Temple, imagine how much more He cares about what we do to our bodies, which were created by His own hands?

    Those of God should care for their bodies, as if it were the Temple of God.

    • Don’t ruin it with addictions
    • Don’t scar it with tattoos*
    • Don’t give it up to sexual immorality
    • Don’t practice gluttony (which destroys your health)
    • Don’t put it on display sensually
    • Don’t be careless with your health, letting sicknesses in

    On earth, the body is the place where you can meet God. It’s also the meeting point between God and other people who still don’t know Him, because those who look at the people of God should see Him too.

    How have you treated the Temple of the Holy Spirit which is in you?

    *If you have never had a tattoo, keep it up. If you already have one but can remove it, very good. If not, move on and don’t get another one or display the one you have as if you’re proud of it, (unless it’s to give your testimony.) God is able to look beyond your skin.


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