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John 1: the supporting role

  • John 1: the supporting role


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    John, the writer of this Gospel, was one of Jesus’ twelve disciples. Don’t confuse him with the other John mentioned in this chapter several times – John the Baptist. At least two John’s are mentioned by name, in the whole Gospel of John. The first is the Baptist, and the other is the father of the apostle Peter.

    One of the curiosities of this book is that John, the author and disciple, doesn’t mention himself by name in this book. He simply refers to himself as “the other disciple,”( John 20:3) and “one of the disciples, the one that Jesus loved,” (13:23.)

    His effort to hide his name shows a great deal about this disciple, as well as what happens to those who find the Lord Jesus. It’s as if they see no reason in the world to exalt themselves, but they exalt the Lord Jesus alone and live to serve others. John demonstrates this clearly. He places the Lord Jesus as the main focus of his Gospel. As for John himself, he was happy being just another disciple or “the one Jesus loved.” What more do you need?

    In a society and era where Gospel preachers make a supernatural effort to have their names appear in huge letters on their church signs, on TV, in print and in so many other places, what “the other disciple” did was like a breath of fresh air.

    When you have a real encounter with God, the desire to receive glory and recognition from others disappears. It doesn’t bother you when people don’t recognize you or despise you or talk bad about you. The fact that you’re a disciple of the Lord Jesus, and have His love, is enough.

    When this happens, all your efforts are for people to get to know Him too. He’s the protagonist. You simply have the supporting role.

    And what a privilege that is.

    Have you ever been upset because someone neglected you or didn’t recognize you? What do you think you should do from now on?
    As you read John chapter 1, what else did the Holy Spirit say to you?
    Leave your comments below.


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