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A question that all married people should answer

  • A question that all married people should answer


    A quick question to married people:
    Do you plan on cheating on your spouse some day?

    Before you answer that, think with me. When we intend to do something, our mind quickly enters the planning process in order to do achieve what we want. That’s right, it’s automatic, our mind works like that.  When I express what I want to my brain, being an excellent servant, he immediately starts to find a way to make it happen.

    For example, if I intend on buying a BMW, my brain will tell my eyes to start noticing the BMW’s I see passing by on the street. Suddenly I start to notice these cars like never before, as well as the dealers of the car brand. I’ll search the internet and get more information on the different car models, options, prices and everything else in regards to it. I’ll do the math to know if I can buy it, and if not, what would I have to do in order to buy it one day. My mind is not going to stop working on this until I finally have the BMW I so desire – or until I give up on the idea. But everything started with a desire, an intention.

    Now, going back to our initial question.

    If you say you intend on betraying your husband or wife, it’s firmly in your plans, then your mind is probably already working on the process of how to achieve this.  (I hope it also completes the job and alerts you of the consequences of such an act, mentioning a pricy divorce, shame before friends and family, the feelings of guilt that you’ll carry for years, the disappointing of your children, the certificate of idiocy over your mantle etc.)

    But if your sincere response is no, you never want to be an adulterer, then also answer the following questions:

    • Why would you keep looking at other women if you don’t plan on having them?
    • Why are you so focused on the little things that you wish he were better at if you intend on being by his side for the rest of your life?
    • Why keep accepting “friends” on Facebook who are the opposite sex, just because their picture pleases you?
    • Why do you insist on watching porn if that person is not, and will never be, your partner?
    • Why are you so curious about your ex and his or her life?
    • Why entertain a dangerous relationship with that person who keeps flirting with you at work?
    • Why don’t you do more for your marriage so that it’s a happy one instead of a burden?


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