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IntelliMen Challenge #13

  • IntelliMen Challenge #13


    Men. Intelligent.™


    Challenge #13

    Don’t start before completing Challenge #12.
    If you want to join the IntelliMen Project, start from Challenge #1.


    Challenge: Learn to be more of a gentlemen and less of a caveman.

    Explanation: Let’s clarify one thing: men are naturally raw, insensitive and a little harsh. Sensitivity is not their forte. In a way, this is exactly what makes him a man, just like being feminine and delicate makes a woman a woman. But this doesn’t mean that our rough nature can’t be polished and refined so that we become good mannered men  – all the while retaining our masculinity. Don’t worry, we don’t want to turn you into a metro-sexual. (That would get you kicked out of IntelliMen…)

    What is chivalry? Basically it is when a man is conscious of others and treats them well, especially (but not exclusively) women. This week I want you to look for ways to practice being a gentleman through small gestures and habits. Here is a list of things a gentleman does:

    • Holds the door open for a woman and lets her go first
    • Opens the car door for his wife and other women
    • Gives up his seat for a woman
    • Never takes inappropriate glances at women (not his woman)
    • Stands when greeting a woman
    • Offers to take any heavy bags or boxes that a woman is carrying
    • Helps women take their seat by pulling out the chair
    • Holds a woman’s umbrella in the rain
    • Say’s “please,” “thank you,” and “excuse me”
    • Doesn’t chew with his mouth open, especially gum
    • Is clean and takes care of his nails, hair, beard, body odor, clothes, breath (keeps breath mints handy) and has regular dentist visits
    • Maintains good posture
    • At the table he allows women to serve themselves first and begins to eat only after the women have begun
    • Closes the toilet seat after use
    • Does not shout and bring attention to himself unless absolutely necessary
    • Never uses a cellphone during a meeting where the speaker expects him to be paying attention. If he absolutely needs to take a call, he always says “excuse me” before answering and tries to be as brief as possible.
    • When walking with a woman on the sidewalk, he always walks on the side closest to the street
    • Never boasts about his newest, top of the line gadget
    • Acts his age. He doesn’t behave immaturely, no matter the time or the place.

    I hope you do some of these things already. Go over this list and identify where you need to improve. Feel free to add things not on the list.

    Notebook: Copy and paste the list above on how to behave like a gentleman in your notebook, for future reference.

    Official Partner: Talk to your partner about what you currently do and what you need to do in order to be more of a gentleman.

    Deadline: You may begin working on this task immediately and complete it before beginning Challenge #14. Spend one week on this. Obviously, you should make this task a part of your normal behavior. It will always benefit you.

    Post: After – and only after – you have completed the challenge, post your comments – on the IntelliMenWorld Facebook or Twitter page, (not on your own page) and write the following:

     IntelliMen Challenge #13 done: After working on being more of a gentleman… (Add your comments; mention what someone said if they noticed something you did.)


    www.twitter.com/intellimenworld (when tweeting, use @intelliMenworld)


    Verification Checklist

    I began to behave more like a gentleman and less like a caveman
    I copied the list to my Notebook
    I spoke to my Partner about the challenge
    I posted my comment on Facebook/Twitter



    To make a fine gentleman, several trades are required, but chiefly a barber. – Oliver Goldsmith


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