The enemy of thought

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Facing the monster early in the morning

  This story took place in 1994 when I was sent to the city of Cabo, South Africa to begin evangelistic work there. We had finished renting an old vacant warehouse and after some basic reforms, we opened it as our church.  Nevertheless, during the first simplest of rainstorms the roof cried on the inside. […]

IntelliMen Challenge #5

  Men. Intelligent.™   Challenge #5   This can be done as you work on completing Challenge #4   Challenge: Watch the series of videos called “Man up!” and reflect on your role as a man at home, at work/school, in church and toward yourself. Explanation: We weren’t all created as one sex. We were […]


How to overcome anxiety

  Anxiety does not get rid of tomorrow’s sadness but it does take away your strength for today, strength which you need to create a solution to stop it. Anxiety makes you live the problem a hundred times before it actually happens. It makes you fear something that only exists within your imagination. Due to […]


What has your attention, has your heart

  Your heart naturally gravitates to what you focus on. If your attention goes to a certain car model, your heart goes to it. From there, your heart will order your mind to obtain it. Then, given enough time and effort, you will have the car. Jesus explains it like this: For where your treasure […]

IntelliMen Challenge #4

Challenge #4  Don’t start before completing Challenge #3 Challenge: Make time for a family member and do something he or she likes. Explanation: IntelliMen are family men. Recognizing the value of family is essential to living well with those near you. However, let’s be honest, there are some family members we wish we didn’t have. […]

How to create a family budget

   (Link to the spreadsheet at the end of this article) In a relationship, the misunderstandings and stress that money matters bring can cause conflict. That is why creating a monthly family budget is a very useful tool. It helps to control the history of your spending, as well as analyzing how you use your […]

IntelliMen Challenge #3

Men. Intelligent.™   Challenge #3 Don’t start this challenge until you complete Challenge #2   Challenge: Discovering what you’re best at Explanation: The majority of us hear a lot of negative comments from others. Since childhood we’ve repetitively heard things like “He’s too shy,” “He’s no good at math,” “His brother gets better grades than […]


Things you didn’t know about TIME


“I don’t want to be criticized”

  So don’t open your mouth. Don’t give your opinion. Don’t speak your mind. Don’t risk trying something new. Be like everybody else, follow the crowd. Accept your situation. Don’t strive for anything ambitious. Don’t try out new ideas. Try to please everyone. Always agree with your boss, even when you know he is wrong. […]