Steve Jobs’ yacht

  Before he died, Steve Jobs had been working for five years on the design of a yacht for his personal use. The yacht finally took to the water on Sunday, one year after the death of Apple’s genius. The cost was not disclosed but is estimated at tens of millions of dollars. At the […]

After making a mistake

  “Making mistakes is uman” – my friends at school used to write on the chalkboard between classes, leaving out the h on purpose. It’s funny, but true. No matter how perfect we try to be, we simply can’t avoid mistakes. It’s a small reminder of how human we are, and it reminds us just […]

Angel face

  He cheated on you, lied, deceived, rejected, made a mockery of your love, put other things and people before you. Then he came with that angel face, sweet talk, excuses that not even his mother would believe, and promised that from now on everything would be different, that he changed, learned his lesson, that […]


Paths of internal communication

  FROM THE PRESIDENT TO THE DIRECTOR Next Friday, at 5pm, Halley’s comet will be passing through this area. This event only occurs every 78 years. So, please, get all the workers together on the factory’s courtyard, making sure that they wear a helmet for safety reasons. I will explain the phenomenon then. But if […]


I know what I have to do

  “I know what I have to do.” But you don’t do it. That’s where your problem is. Many people suffer due to ignorance, for not knowing what to do. But I believe that there are more people that suffer for not doing what they know. It was for these people that the Lord Jesus […]


He rose from the dead. So what?

  After hearing something so much, it ends up losing it’s meaning to us. Repeat a word out loud, fifty times, and you’ll see what I’m talking about. That’s what happens to a lot of messages and Bible stories. We’ve been hearing them basically since birth. If we don’t stop and really think about what […]


Righteous in your own eyes

  The most difficult people to reach through God’s power are not the bad ones. They already know they’re bad, that’s why they have no defense. They quickly point out their mistakes, their wickedness. The hardest are those who consider themselves righteous in their own eyes. While you judge yourself through your own eyes based […]


Why can’t we walk straight?



The human-being next to you

  According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, some of the most basic rights include: freedom of expression and the right to think. Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media […]


Memories – Cape Town event

The year was 1993. That’s when we arrived in Cape Town, South Africa; and the mission was to start from zero and take the Gospel to a people who had been suffering for almost 50 years under the regime of apartheid — the racial segregation imposed by the government which was made up of the […]