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Four ways people fall

  • Four ways people fall

    You expect bad people to trip up and fall by their own mistakes. When it happens, you’re not surprised. Maybe you even get a sense that justice has been done. But I’ve seen a lot of good people fall too. Good husbands gone bad, good marriages ending in divorce, good jobs lost, good faith turned into cynic skepticism, and a lot more.

    In the vast majority of these cases – and I’ve seen thousands of them over the past 25 years – the reason people fall usually comes under one of these categories:

    1. Pride
    2. Money
    3. Men/Women
    4. Emotions

    That’s about it. If a good person will fall, he or she will be a victim of one or more of these four horsemen of the personal apocalypse.

    If I were you, I’d watch out for them.

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