She annoyed me

I entered the store just to buy a shirt, maybe two. I’m the kind of customer who knows what he wants, so I come in, buy what I want, and leave. But the badgering sales assistant kept asking me, “Don’t you want to take a pair of pants too?” No, thank you. “Maybe a pair […]


My favorite key

The key I like the most on my computer’s keyboard is, by far, the “delete” key. There’s no comparison to the others. In fact, what would be the use of the other keys without it? Those who struggled with typewriters know what I mean. To the more fortunate, younger readers, a brief background: In the […]

I feel empty

Sadie wrote me this: Everything is going well for me. I don’t have financial problems. I’m successful in my job. I’m not sick. I have a good family. But for some reason, I feel so empty. I spend my days trying to stay busy, always looking for something to occupy my mind. If I don’t, […]

God’s number

I promised to slip you God’s number so you could give Him a call. You do want to start a relationship with Him, don’t you? So here it is: 1-2-3. These are the numbers to call. In this order: 1. Talk to God like you’re talking to your best friend. No beating around the bush. […]

The relationship

I started the conversation yesterday about the importance of having a relationship with God as an antidote to religion. Let’s delve into that a little bit more today. What’s the first, most basic thing that must happen in order to start a relationship? Some form of communication. I cannot imagine any kind of relationship without […]


5 Things Religions Don’t Want You To Know (3)

Continued from the previous posts — here’s the last one and here’s the first. 4. They don’t want you to know God – because the day you know Him directly, you will realize they don’t. You see, religions live off people’s ignorance about God. That’s why it’s in their best interest to make Him as […]


5 Things Religions Don’t Want You To Know (2)

Continued from the last post, which you can read here. 2. Religion is a product of the human mind. A dream, a vision, a special revelation, a self-proclaimed leader – these are the usual ways in which a religion starts. Minds think up a system to restrain people and get them into the loop. But […]


Chick-fil-A: Faith as a business foundation


5 Things Religions Don’t Want You To Know (1)

What I am about to tell you won’t make your average priest, vicar, evangelist, mullah, or any other religious leader very happy. It won’t make me very popular with them either. These are the truths that religions will never admit about themselves. Yet I feel duty-bound to tell you why religions are failing their followers, […]

Making time

We all complain about the lack of time to do this or that. But whenever I want to do something that really matters, and all I hear in my mind is, “I don’t have time for this”, I ask myself: “What would happen to my schedule in the next few days if something really tragic […]