To the wise, not the smart-alecks

Blessed be the name of God … He changes times and seasons, removes kings and establishes kings: He gives wisdom to the wise and to the intelligent understanding. Daniel 2.20,21 The things of God are for those who think, for the wise. Wise does not mean a smart-aleck. Wise are those who are humble and […]

Time is your enemy

If there’s a bad root in your life, then time is your enemy, not your friend. I hear people say a lot, “Just give it time, things will get better.” I think when people say that, what they often mean is, “I don’t know how to fix this. To be honest, I really don’t want […]

Your problem solved. Guaranteed.

Here’s the great thing about cutting off the root of your problem: It guarantees the problem will be solved. A tree cannot possibly survive after its roots are cut off. A problem will die after what feeds it is gone. If you’re looking for a quick fix, a temporary solution, then don’t worry about the […]

Poisoned by another root

Here’s something I didn’t know — and probably, neither did you. According to Paul Wray, a forester at Iowa State University: Trees can share root systems. If two roots of the same species grow next to each other, as they grow in diameter, they may grow or graft together. This has implications when trees growing […]

Two functions of roots

A good root system serves two purposes in the tree’s development: it functions as an anchor and the roots collect moisture, without which the tree could not thrive. Strong roots function as an anchor and ensure that a tree remains standing regardless of the weather and other elements of nature. Rain or shine, lightning or […]

No problem is an orphan

It wasn’t by chance that the Lord Jesus said: “A tree is known by its fruit.” (Matt. 12:33) He knew exactly what he was talking about and where He was going with it. For starters, we see that He used logic: If this, then that. In this case, if the fruit is good, then the […]

Problems that come and go

If I want to get rid of a tree, I must cut it at the root. The banana tree, for example, is a very robust and resilient tree, even if it appears weak. Amazingly, no fire or a tornado can kill it. Even if someone cuts it into a thousand pieces, it can still survive. […]

The curse of “normal”

In yesterday’s post, I asserted: If a person’s life doesn’t develop naturally, it’s because there’s something wrong somewhere. It’s not normal for a human being to be miserable, frustrated, and unhappy. That’s not what we were made for. It is NOT normal: To repeatedly fail in your relationships To work hard and never have money […]

It’s not normal

Does this tree look normal to you? God teaches many truths through nature. Since nothing He does is by chance, the wise seeks and learns the hidden lessons in the works of Creation. One distinctive feature of nature is that everything in it follows a natural process. In other words, everything follows certain laws and […]

When you realize you have to change

Over the course of our lives, we go through many experiences that shape us — or at least they try to. If we are blind and deaf to what each experience teaches us, then our character cannot be shaped. And that’s the problem many of us carry inside. Our human heart is just so full […]