How can you NOT be angry?

I am beginning to conclude that for a person NOT to be angry in the world we live in, he or she must be either blind or brain-dead — or both. If your blood is not boiling, if you’re not seeing red, maybe this will get you started. The wicked have no limits to do […]

Obstacles to anger

Why am I not angry? Why isn’t my spirit revolted about my situation? Many have asked themselves these questions. Here are a few reasons why a righteous anger may not have been born in your heart yet: 1. You’re living in a comfort zone2. A (false) sense everything is okay3. Acceptance of your fate4. Religiousness5. […]

The best person to challenge you

Many couples don’t realize that they have in each other a kind of coach. Your spouse is the best person to give you feedback about your strengths, weaknesses, and to help you improve as a person. That’s because your spouse is the closest person to you, who knows you better than anyone else. Your spouse […]

When help is no help at all

There have never been so many ways to get help when we’re in trouble or in need of advice as nowadays. Doctors, therapists, lawyers, government, books, and family members are just a few examples of the “go-to person.” Add to that the advent of the Internet, and the options are endless. Nevertheless, even though these […]

My son made me this video

God gives us children for us to feel what He goes through with us. If you’re a parent, you can understand much better what God expects of you. A wise son makes a father glad. Proverbs 15:20 [youtube]

Angry at the wrong guy

I don’t understand people who get angry at God. I mean, I understand why they do, but I don’t understand why they would. Hello? He’s the only one who can help you, remember? If I had an incurable disease and there was only one doctor in the world who could cure me, I would want […]

Where anger comes from

Consider this verse: God is a just judge, and God is angry with the wicked every day.(Psalm 7.11) Why is God angry? Because He is just, He knows what’s right and hates what is wrong. What is anger or indignation? It’s a feeling God gives us to signal that something is wrong. In the same […]

New address for this blog

As of today, the new official web address of this blog is – please update your browser’s bookmark.  Press Command+D on your Mac now or Control+D on your PC, and it should take you to your browser’s bookmarks. Thank you for visiting this blog. I’ll keep sharing spiritual intelligence with you as we go. […]

I love you but I don’t like you

I’ve said it before that you can love someone but not really like them. And then, some people didn’t like me for it. Well, at least this kid gets it.

The hidden problem

All the evil that we see in the world, the problems that anger us and make us sad, come from the inside of people. When you watch the news and see a story about somebody who got murdered, or a politician who committed adultery, or about unemployment, or any other problem or crisis, what you’re […]