Keep their minds weak

There’s a scene from the true-story movie “The Great Debaters” where professor Melvin Tolson, played by the amazing Denzel Washington, educates his students about a slave owner’s method of controlling his slaves. His strategy was to “keep the slave physically strong but psychologically weak and dependent on the slave owner.” Watch this 44-second scene now: […]

Why people lie (4)

The biggest, realest, “worstest” root of all lies… And the cure at the end. Watch till the end! Watch this video in portuguese

Henry P. Crowell: “If you let me make money…”

Henry P. Crowell, affectionately called “The autocrat of the Breakfast Table,” contracted tuberculosis when a boy and couldn’t go to school. After hearing a sermon by Dwight L. Moody, young Crowell prayed, “I can’t be a preacher, but I can be a good businessman. God, if You will let me make money, I will use […]

In London this Friday

Quick note: Chris and I will be in London this Friday (April 15th) for a stopover en route to Jerusalem. We’ll have the privilege to be at the Humbleness Night at the Rainbow Theatre in Finsbury Park at 10pm. It will be great to see old friends again, and even better to do it in […]

Why people lie (3)

Some liars want help… So here we go. Watch this video in portuguese

‪Why people lie (2)‬

If you know the reason why people lie, you can cut evil by the root. Watch this video in portuguese