Fireproof movie trailer

Dealing with issues of unfaithfulness, pornography, lust, unforgiveness, grudges and anger, Fireproof doesn’t sugar-coat the realities of marriage. The narrative shows the slow and humbling process that true love has to take to restore wholeness. Not everyone has the courage to take that path. Caleb, a firefighter and hero in his community is far from […]

Why people lie (1)

One of the quickest ways to destroy your reputation (and a lot of other things) is to tell a lie. And yet, why do people lie, even though they know it can backfire on them? Watch this video in portuguese

Billionaire David Green: The power of tithing, faith, and the Holy Spirit

David Green is a billionaire. His stores don’t open on Sundays so that employees may go to church and spend time with family. He is a faithful tither. And he attributes his success to tithing and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. [youtube] Watch this video in portuguese

The soldier is above the weather

Okay – maybe not above tsunamis and hurricanes. (Although I’m sure if he knows they’re coming, he’ll be far better prepared for them than most people.) But the truth is you will probably never see a soldier using an umbrella. Or in briefs and his shirt off in a scorching desert. You’ll never see one […]