Top 10 – This blog’s ten most read entries in 2010

Clique on the title to read message: Gold from your enemies – October Two ways to Receive – October Landed in Cairo – December Solomon’s Temple – July The 10 Commandments — My version for the 21st Century – July Becoming a right-now person – December What you may NOT have thought about Christmas – December You call this “Sunday morning”– November […]

The weight

My friend, Bishop João Leite, didn’t know where to put his backpack anymore…     The Holy Spirit kept hammering this thought into my heart while I was climbing Mount Sinai a few days ago: Whoever wants to get to the top, get rid of all the unnecessary weight.     Okay, it is an […]

I WON’T wish you a Happy New Year

That’s right, I won’t. And here’s why. I’ll tell it to your face. Watch this video in portuguese


Mount Sinai slideshow

View pictures of our latest climb of Mount Sinai. The chariots of God are twenty thousand, even thousands of thousands; the Lord is among them as in Sinai, in the Holy Place. Psalm 68.17

What you may NOT have thought about Christmas

Supposedly, the spirit of Christmas is one of joy, unity, family, love, giving and receiving gifts, and peace. But in reality, VERY FEW people experience those things. Sadly, most people either do not have a family or are not getting along with family very well. Many are struggling financially even to keep up with their […]

At Mount Sinai

From Cairo, we took a short flight to St. Catherine Airport, a tiny airstrip in the Sinai desert. From there, we journeyed on by bus to the foot of Mt Sinai. At the foot of Mt Sinai – this is not a particularly great photo, but when I was viewing my photos later, this one […]

Landed in Cairo

Around 5pm local time we landed in Cairo International Airport…. … and then hit a traffic jam as we left the airport! Traffic in Cairo is CRAZY… Drivers honking horns all the time, shouting at each other, swerving in and out of lanes, coming as close as a hair strand from hitting each other, sudden […]

Leaving for Sinai

Just arrived at Bush Int’l Airport. 18 hours later and a connecting flight, I’ll be arriving in Cairo. More when I get there… if I can get online!

Leaving for Sinai

It is my privilege and joy to go on this journey to Mt. Sinai to pray for those who entrusted their prayer requests to us. Just left our church in Houston for the airport. Your prayers for our safe journey are appreciated. Read this message in portuguese

Becoming a right-now person

“Moses My servant is dead. Now therefore…”  Joshua 1.2  After Moses’ death, Joshua had big shoes to fill. The great Moses, God’s chosen servant, the one who talked with God as a man talks to his friend, the miracle-maker… was gone. What was Joshua supposed to do now? The answer was in the last word […]