The Power of Asking

The power of asking – something every baby is an expert at but the most underused tool of success for adults. If we’d only relearn how to use it, we would get so much more in life… Watch this video in portuguese

Asking and Luck

There’s a little known story in the Bible about a woman whose life was changed by a dramatic turn of events. Some would say she was lucky. I say she knew how to use the power of asking. We don’t know her name. She’s only referred to as the “Shunammite” — from a place called […]

One Red Paper Clip

Kyle McDonald had an idea — to get a house without paying for it. How would he do it? He would trade up, getting something bigger and better every time, until he got a house. And he started with one red paper clip. It’s the power of asking at its best…

4 kinds of people

Not all believers are the same. Meet the Defeatists, the What Will Be Will Be, the I Can, and the It’s God’s Problem — they all believe in God, but in very different ways… Watch this video in portuguese

The strangest penalty kick + life lesson

    Don’t be too quick to beat your chest for an achievement… Humility precedes honor. Proverbs 15:33 Do you feel sorry for the goalkeeper or do you think it served him right? What lessons can you learn for your life? Does this remind you of a personal experience or that of someone you know? Leave […]

Lead Me

I don’t usually post songs here, but this one is worth it. I hope you enjoy it — especially the fathers and husbands out there.

Husband had many affairs

My husband has had many affairs, but I’ve always taken him back. Finally I couldn’t stand being rejected anymore and I had an affair myself.  Now he blames me for ruining our marriage and says he’ll never trust me again. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to forgive myself.Dana P. – Missouri CityDana, […]

Call me weird

Yes, go ahead. Freak, weird, wacko, whatever you like. Why? Because I believe there is a devil. There, I said it. Go and click on that unsubscribe link now, if you must. I don’t care. But I do care about this subject. So if you’re still with me, read on. I believe there is a […]

If you give up…

Who hasn’t felt like giving up? Save yourself a life of regret. Here are four reasons why giving up right now could be a very bad idea. Watch this video in portuguese