Can just anyone sacrifice? What’s your excuse?

Watch as this man of faith decided to take one step further to prove what you can do when you put your mind to it.


Are you a highly sensitive person?

Mood swings, taking things too personally, feeling that nobody understands you, trouble keeping friends, cutting people out of your life — are only some of the characteristics of a highly sensitive person. What can you do? Watch this video in portuguese

I’m offended

I just heard that someone was offended by something I said in a meeting. Up to this moment, I don’t know what caused the offense. I know what I said, but I have no idea how those words could have been taken in an offensive way. I’m seeking out that person and will surely offer […]


Jumping to conclusions

  Jumping to conclusions – a sport only for fools. Watch this video in Portuguese    

How to destroy your family

It’s hard to separate emotions from family relationships. But those emotions may be the reason why husband and wife are always at each others throat, parents and children get into screaming matches, brothers and sisters fight like cats and dogs. Have anger, grudges, hatred, short temper, rage, and other emotions been destroying your family? Watch […]

Just take a shortcut!

What is it in the human brain that makes looking for a shortcut so appealing? Here’s what you won’t hear a lot these days: A shortcut often turns out to be the longest way. Watch this video in portuguese