How to know if s/he is right for you (p.4)

Many claim that love is blind, but we beg to differ. Watch as Cris and I talk about two more areas of compatibility in relationships — physical appearance & intellectual level. Watch this video in portuguese

Buried alive

Tiger Woods – infidelity, adultery, sex addiction Alexander McQueen, the famous English fashion designer who killed himself last week – relationship-dependent on his mother who died seven days before he committed suicide Joseph Stack, who set fire to his own home and crashed his airplane into an IRS building in Austin, Texas this week – […]

How to know if s/he is right for you (p.3)

The “C” word in relationships is “compatibility.” A lot of people talk about it but few really know what it is. We break compatibility down into seven different areas to help you find out if you and your partner are really compatible. Watch here what the first area of compatibility is and why it matters. […]

SiLC Inauguration – photo gallery

See pictures of our Grand Opening service last Sunday. And in case you wonder, the staff I’m holding symbolizes the Lord who is our Shepherd, and who never lets us be in want. View gallery

How to choose the right person (p.2)

Appearance, job security, attractiveness, career, etc. are important things when choosing your partner — or are they really? Watch this video in portuguese

Grand Opening SiLC – February 7th



How to know if she is right for you

Knowing how to choose is the first step to finding the right person for you. Watch these new series where Cris and I talk about how singles can avoid the pain of making the wrong choice for a lifetime partner. Watch this video in portuguese