I know, but it’s HARD WORK!

Here’s something I’ve learned from years of counseling people. Watch this video in portuguese

Thinking BIG – Small thinkers live small lives

Thinking big, in a nutshell, is to think like God. God’s thoughts are bigger than big. “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts,” He said in Isaiah 55.9. Man is limited only by his thoughts. And unfortunately, most people have […]


How to overcome evil thoughts

It’s crucial that you take control of your thought life because you are what you think. But how to overcome evil thoughts? In this video you’ll learn 3 things you can do beginning right now. Watch this video in portuguese

Why forgiving is good for you

There are many opportunities to get hurt and keep a grudge against someone. I myself was a prisoner of grudges at one point in my life, let me tell you what I did to be able to forgive. If you have been a prisoner of a grudge or have harbored hard feelings against someone, this […]

What do you really, REALLY want?

What if I told you that what you SAY you want is not what you really want? And what you THINK you want is not what you actually want? Let me tell you about a trick our mind plays on us… If you understand this, you’ll know why many of your dreams and wishes don’t […]